Top-10 series about cyber sports and computer games

Cinematography can no longer ignore the popularity of cybersports. Filmmakers around the world have actively taken to shooting movies and TV series about computer games. Leadership in the production of cyber sports TV-projects seized the countries of Asia, but in the U.S. and the West are trying to keep up. In this material we collected the best series about cyber sports and computer games. Considered plot twists, casts, directors, release dates and other interesting facts about filming.

List of the best cyber sports series

There are no spoilers in this article. We only tried to help fans of cyber sports TV-projects to choose a series to their liking.

#1: «Noobees» (2018)

A teenage girl Sylvia dreams of becoming a professional basketball player and has no interest in computer games. One day she learns about her father Hector’s longtime dream to win a prestigious cybersports tournament.

As a child, Hector was a top gamer. What prevented him from becoming a champion was the disappearance of his best friend and his subsequent retirement from the pro scene. Sylvia decides to fulfill her father’s dream and join the «Noobees» team, which he coaches. The youngest brother of the protagonist, Erik, also plays for this team.

Later the «Noobees» team entered the Professional Video Game League, where their main opponent was the Rockers. An additional motivation for Eric and Sylvia is the fact that their opponents are coached by a man named Roberto. It was he who once became the champion in a wrestling match with Hector.

«Noobees» path to the top will not be easy, because very soon Sylvia falls in love with David, who plays for The Rockers. Teenage romance, the difficulties of growing up and sporting excitement mix, testing the protagonist for strength.

Popular Colombian series were directed by Santiago Vargas. The first season was released in 2018 on Nickelodeon TV channel, gathering more than 10 million views. The role of Sylvia was played by Mexican actress Michelle Oliveira.

Falling Into Your Smile
Falling Into Your Smile

#2: «Falling Into Your Smile» (2021)

The ZDGX team has no equal in the Chinese cyber sports league. The idyll in the male team is broken by the arrival of Tong Yao, who becomes the first girl on the pro scene in the Celestial Empire. The team does not accept the protagonist, but she is not upset. Tong Yao has passed a tough selection process and is now determined to succeed.

To focus on games, the girl gave herself a promise not to have a close relationship with a cyber athlete. Tong Yao’s plan is hindered by Lu Xi Cheng. Captain ZDGX falls in love with the protagonist and intends to win her favor. Now the first girl in Chinese cybersport will have to solve two problems at once: to understand her feelings for Lu Xi Cheng and to help ZDGX to break the long-lasting series of defeats in the championship of the Celestial Empire.

The Chinese TV show «Fall Into Your Smile» has made it to our list of the best cyber sports doramas. It premiered in 2021. In English dubbing, this TV series received two titles, the second — «Cybercrush».

The picture was shot by Chinese director Qiu Zhongwei. The role of Tong Yao performed by Yaeng Xiao, Lu Si Cheng — Kevin Xu. The plot of «Fall Into Your Smile» is based on the novel of the same name.

#3: «Players» (2022)

If you are even a little bit interested in cybersports, you must have noticed how many documentaries are devoted to teams and championships. The creators of the series “Players” decided not to reinvent the wheel and in the format of mockumentary (pseudo-documentary movie) to tell the story of the negligent team Fugitive Gaming, which has been dreaming of winning the League of Legends championship for a year. In this case Fugitive Gaming members should be helped by a new star — 17-year-old Organizm, who will have to find a common language with the team’s captain, 27-year-old cybersport veteran Creamcheese. Of course, as in any sports series/movie, everything ends with a happy ending, but that’s not the most important thing here.

«The Players» is primarily a mockumentary («The Office», «Parks and Recreation», «Borat»). So if you’ve watched anything on this list, you realize that an important part of the plot is character interviews. However, if in «The Office» we really laugh at the characters, then the screenwriters make every effort to begin to empathize with them.

So, for example, initially the captain of the team appears to the viewer as a spoiled infantile, and then revealed in a completely different light. It should be noted that the series really absorbed all the template stories from the world of cybersport and played them really ridiculous.


#4: «Hedshot» (2023)

Denis is a high school student who has problems communicating with his peers. Every day he faces bullying, and the virtual world helps him to hide from it.

Corresponding on the Web, the protagonist feels confident. When the situation in real life becomes critical, IIIPAM comes to the rescue. This is an avatar from the video game, which tells Denis ways to solve his problems. Most of IIIPAM’s advice is unethical, but the protagonist listens to it.

As a result, Denis enters the world of professional cybersport and gets everything he dreamed of:

  1. Financial independence.
  2. New acquaintances.
  3. Attention of girls.

With the help of IIIPAM, the schoolboy decides to win the favor of a girl who reciprocates. However, Denis does not realize how much real communication differs from virtual communication.

«Headshot» is a Russian television project directed by Vladimir Bitokov. The first season premiered in 2022. The role of Denis was performed by a novice actor Artem Koshman.

#5: «Go Go Squid!» (2019)

Han Shang Yang is a Chinese cybersecurity expert. After becoming a successful businessman, he moved abroad. One day, the protagonist learned about a computer technology championship in the Celestial Empire. Wanting to win, he returned to his homeland and gathered a cyber sports team.

Shang Yang’s team lost in the finals, which upset the protagonist. Wanting to distract himself, he went to an Internet cafe. There, a young businessman took a liking to a student, Tun Nian, who worked part-time as a receptionist. The sympathy was unrequited, so the protagonist had to get Shang Yang’s favor through social networks.

The guy did not make contact for a long time, but Tun Nian’s persistence paid off. Soon the young businessman realizes that all his thoughts are occupied by a student from the Internet cafe.

The Chinese dorama «Go Go Squid!» premiered in 2019. The role of Han Shang Yang was performed by Li Xian, while Tong Nian was played by Yang Zi. The TV series refers to a fictional Chinese cyber sports league.

Go Go Squid!
Go Go Squid!
Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog's Time (2021)
Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time (2021)

#6: Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time (2021)

And this is a prequel to the first part, but with a slightly different plot. Wu Bai is a young Chinese roboticist. The main character’s passion for cyber sports and robots in particular was initiated by his girlfriend Ai Qing. Inspired by the support of his favorite person, Wu Bai gathers a team to win the robotics championship.

The young people are driven not only by the desire for triumphs. They want to popularize new technologies among the younger generation. Wu Bai and Ai Qing believe that their work will accelerate the rejuvenation of science in China.

Wu Bai and Ai Qing were secondary characters in the dorama «Go Go Squid!». As a result, «Dt. Appledog’s Time» is a spin-off of Han Shan Yang and Tong Nian’s love story.

The images of the main characters were tried on by Wang An Yu (Wu Bai) and Wang Ke Ru (Ai Qing). The TV series premiered in 2021 on the Chinese TV channel iQiyi. It is a single-season project that consists of 38 episodes.

#7: «Gank Your Heart» (2019)

Young Chinese Ji Xiang Kong is a top cyber athlete with a controversial reputation. He does not particularly watch his language, because of which he regularly gets into unpleasant situations. Nevertheless, scandals do not prevent the protagonist from collecting victories at tournaments and building up a crowd of female fans.

A young journalist Qiu Ying is among the fans of Xiang Kong. One day she was broadcasting live from the championship, where Ji performed. The girl was lucky enough to shoot a short video with the cyber sports star and get a small share of popularity. Soon, Qiu Ying met Xiang Kong again. From that moment, the sympathy between the protagonists becomes mutual.

The one-season TV series «Gank Your Heart» is directed by Sha Weiqi. The image of Ji Xiang Kong was tried on by Wang Yi Bo, Qiu Ying was played by Wang Zi Xuan. The project consists of 35 episodes.

In the center of the plot of the Chinese dorama is not only a love drama of the main characters. In parallel, the picture reveals the story of becoming a professional cyber sports commentator, which became Qiu Ying.

Gank Your Heart
Gank Your Heart
Love Scenery
Love Scenery

#8: «Love Scenery» (2021)

Liang Chen is the owner of an extraordinary singing talent. Many guys from China dream of meeting her. Lu Jing is one of the main character’s admirers. He is studying to be a programmer, successfully combining university with a career in cyber sports.

One day, Lu Jing was lucky enough to meet Liang Chen. In the course of a brief dialog, the protagonists learn that they once attended the same school. The common past helps young people to start a relationship, which very quickly becomes romantic.

The director of the picture was Qin Zoe. The role of Liang Chen played by Xu Lu, Lu Jing played by Lin Yi. The dorama «Love Scenery» was included in the top of the best series of 2021.

#9: «Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile» (2016)

Bei Wei Wei is a successful female programmer who has a talent for cyber sports. She studies and performs among many guys, however she has no romantic relationships in real life. Bay is addicted to an online computer game in which she is married to a top character under the nickname «Naihe Smile». This character is controlled by a young guy named Xiao Naihe.

Wei Wei does not know who is behind her online husband’s avatar. «Naihe’s Smile», on the other hand, is aware of who Bei is in real life. Xiao Nai is in love with the programmer, which is why he proposed a virtual wedding to her.

The main characters attend the same university and soon meet in real life. Wei Wei learns that Xiao Nai is very successful not only in the online game. As a result, a mutual sympathy arises between the young people.

Soon Wei Wei and Xiao Nai start to develop a new online game together. The viewer watches not only the love drama, but also the path of online game developers — from learning to program to million-dollar sales.

The dorama was filmed by Chinese director Lam Yuk Fan. The performers of the main roles are listed in the table:

Character Actor/actress
Bei Wei Wei Guan Xin
Xiao Nai Bai Yun

The series premiered in 2016. It was limited to one season, which included 30 episodes.

Weiwei's Beautiful Smile
Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile
Forever Love
Forever Love

#10: «Forever Love» (2020)

Xia Linxi is an excellent model student, Jiang Zhenhan is an irresponsible guy but a talented programmer. In high school, they fall in love with each other and go from school uniforms to wedding suits. Linxi and Zhenhan believe that they will manage to always be together no matter what.

The series shows how love and mutual support affect professional and personal growth. Xia and Jiang teach the viewer to stay true to their feelings after years.

The Chinese dorama was directed by Wen Deguang. It premiered in 2020 on Tencent Video. The role of Jiang Zhenhan was played by Wang An Yu, Xia Lingxi was played by Julia Xiang.

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It is the Japanese version of the word «drama». In many Asian countries, it is the name given to movies and TV series, regardless of genre.
Yes, computer games competitions are considered an official sport in most countries of the world. Therefore, bookmakers are allowed to accept bets on them.

Top most popular streaming platforms for 2023:

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  • YouTube.
  • Steam TV.
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