Aviator Money Game By Spribe

The variety of casino games on the internet is not even worth talking about. Leading operators offer thousands of slots to choose from and every player is sure to find (or has already found) their favorite winning machine. So what to look out for in 2024?

Before writing this material, we carefully read the reviews of gamblers on the Internet for the last month. And so many call the Aviator slot truly revolutionary. We would not be so categorical, but this slot really has some interesting features worthy of attention. Therefore, we suggest you read the review of this gambling game.

Aviator Game

What is Aviator?

In 2019, the company Spribe presented an unusual development to the public. This gaming software bears little resemblance to traditional slots, as there are no classic reels, lines and symbols. Aviator slot machine offered users to track aviation and manage to get payouts before the plane flies away. The game is popular at reputable casinos around the world due to its original gameplay, simple rules and high-quality visuals.

Now it’s a universal gambling game that can be safely recommended to everyone. Slot machines are available only on the sites of verified casinos, licensed by reputable organizations. Aviator game is like a breath of fresh air in the conditions of repetitive themes and design video slots. It is a good solution for new players looking to preserve their bankroll and for experienced users who are hunting for big payouts. At least due to the fact that the user can decide for himself how much time and money to spend on this new product.

Aviator Game

Main point of the game

Gambling online game Aviator has a pretty simple and intuitive interface. The essence of the machine is in time to stop the airplane, which arcs upward. After starting the game, the airplane gradually takes off and the ratio begins to grow. At this time, the player must press the stop at a certain point so that the plane does not fall and crash.

Such simple plot and the ease of the game can pull the player into this exciting betting process for hours. Here almost everything depends only on you and your decision to stop in time. In this case, it is very important to intuitively find the ideal time to press the button, where the coefficient will be maximized, respectively, and your profit will be greater.

Is it available for free?

In the game Aviator you can play for free or for real money. For free play, you just need to go to the demo version of the site of your chosen casino and enjoy the game. To play for real money you need to put in a little more effort. First you have to register, go through verification, fund your account and only then place bets for real money.

All users can play for free. It is not even necessary to register. Only registered users can play for real money — this type of game brings a completely different experience.

Also there are usually two forms of play in Aviator: manual or automatic betting. Each of them is different and has its own functions. In order to bet, the player must choose the random bet or make his own. Before the airplane starts flying, the bet button must be pressed (the “cash out” tab makes it easy to find out the preliminary winnings).

For autoplay mode in the settings of the machine the user must select:

  • Size of bet;
  • The number of times the airplane will fly;
  • The reason why the airplane may stop.

When starting the automatic game, the player can enable cashout. After this action, the gameplay will become fully automated. Also Aviator usually has 2 playing fields — you can use them simultaneously or separately.


Where to find Aviator slot machine

Despite the huge popularity, not in every online casino in the country you will find Aviator. Leading operators understand how important the presence of this slot in their catalog, so will include the game with an airplane in their list. Moreover, sites put this game in a separate section to make it easier for players to find it.

As for the top casinos, in which to play Aviator is the most convenient, we recommend:

  • 1Win Aviator;
  • Stake Aviator;
  • Pin-Up Aviator.

Advantages of Aviator game

The game aviator has a lot of regular users. Here’s what almost they note in the pros:

  1. High payback percentage. The RTP in Aviator is really high — from 97%. Advanced players know that this is a very good rate.
  2. Easy to use game and with simple to follow rules. You can learn Aviator in a matter of minutes.
  3. The availability of demo mode. That is, you can try out the game for free, without spending your money or even going through registration.
  4. Automatic game. This is really a very necessary function, thanks to which the game process becomes fully automated.
  5. Quick wins. You can earn money just in a few seconds after starting the gaming process.
  6. Dynamics of the game. The gameplay of Aviator is exciting and interesting.

This was only a small part of Aviator’s advantages — it’s possible to do your own research and find others. The main thing is that players all over the world treat this machine very well. There’s only a few slots where you can place a bet and after a few seconds double it. How easy is that?


How to increase the chance of winning in Aviator

In a relatively small period of time, it has gained a lot of fans among fans of online entertainment. Many gamblers have begun to explore it in more detail, asking the question «How to win at Aviator?».

Aviator Tips, Part 1

Although the Aviator game uses a random number generator (RNG) and is impossible to cheat, there are a few tips that can help increase a player’s chances for success:

  • Limit the playing time and choose the right moment to stop. If you play Aviator for a long time, the chance of losing all your money will be close to 100%;
  • Use financial strategies such as “flat” or percentage of the pot to structure your game and choose the best bet amount;
  • Set specific financial goals for each playing session and pause once they are reached.
  • Experiment with different strategies, as each has its advantages and disadvantages;
  • Take into account the psychological aspect and try to stay calm during the game, remembering that even with the right strategy there is always a risk of losing.

No method from the Internet, no strategy from a famous blogger can guarantee a player 100% results. It is impossible to predict when the airplane will fall, as the winnings are determined by a random number generator, like we mentioned before.

Aviator Tips, Part 2

Don’t completely dismiss strategies — sometimes they do help. Professional gamblers distinguish three key strategies. Each of them is characterized by its own chance of winning and profit:

  1. Cancel bets in the odds range from 1.1 to 1.50. This tactic is the simplest and most straightforward. With it, most bets will bring you profit. If you watch an airplane take off, you will notice that it almost always overcomes the 1.50 mark. This means that the chance of winning increases several times.
  2. Use low stakes data to place big bets. This method requires more time for realization, but you can win much more than in the first method. All fields of the game are used for this strategy. After 6 or more wins of low bets, you should place one bigger bet and put the odds x2. At this time, the second field can be left and wait for the multiplication of 5-10 times. The first bet will reset to zero with a x2 bet. So you will not get away with less just because of the profit from the second bet, which will cover the costs.
  3. The third method is suitable only for patient gamblers. To implement the last strategy, you will need to enter the statistics and choose a game in which the odds are x100. Once you have found such a game and selected it, set a stopwatch and wait for one hour to pass. As statistics shows, high odds, namely 100-200, occur once every hour and a half. To play we use two fields: the first winnings must be taken at x40, and the second must be brought to x100-x150. This way is the most profitable, but also as you realized the most time-consuming. So the choice is yours.

These were proven working tactics to win in Aviator. We strongly advise you not to use strategies where somebody talks about the specific seconds of cashing out. Especially, when the information is paid-for. In Aviator game the winnings depend on the random number generator, so you can not influence the results. Do not trust paid ways to win at Aviator — know that these are scammers. It’s way better to use your own experience and try your luck. Thanks for your attention!

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