Plinko: A Winning Twist in the World of Online Casinos

Step into the captivating fusion of chance and crypto excitement as we explore the enchanting universe of Plinko game in the realm of crypto casinos. Discover how the unpredictable allure of Plinko takes on a new dimension, seamlessly blending with the modern landscape of cryptocurrency-based gaming for an unparalleled and thrilling experience. Let’s just get this topic!

Plinko XY

About Plinko

Plinko stands as one of the most favored pricing games in the iGaming landscape. Its first manifestation was in the form of a television show called The Price is Right. The first episode of the television show took place on January 3, 1983. Even then she created a real sensation. It brought generous winnings to the participants, so the largest prize fund for the entire existence of the TV show reached 25,000 USD.

However, the online version of the Plinko machine slot achieved higher numbers. This was another reason for the popularity of the slot machine. Today players can win up to 262,743 USD. Additionally, other gifts and prizes can be obtained during gameplay. As a television show, the hosts asked participants to return the chips after making a bet. A total of 10 types of chips are offered, which are copies of each other. This fact provides participants with fairness and transparency of the gaming process.

Each participant has identical chances and it is impossible to predict who will be the winner with one hundred percent probability. The advantage of playing Plinko arcade game in a modern format is that those who wish do not need to wait in line and hope that the presenters will choose you. Gamers can enjoy the Plinko slot gameplay at preferable crypto casinos any time. The slot is available online today. All the gambler needs is to find a suitable online casino and place a bet.


Game modes

Plinko game for money offers gamers to choose from the following modes:

  • 1st simple. It consists of 8 rows and the risk level is low. The minimum win is x0.5, and the maximum is x5.6.
  • 2nd simple. A round consists of 16 rows. The minimum winning size in this case is x0.5, and the maximum is x16.
  • 1st average. In this case, players are invited to play on 8 rows with an average difficulty level. The minimum winning size is x0.4, and the maximum is x13.
  • 2nd average. The round involves 16 rows, and the gameplay is accompanied by an average level of risk. The minimum payout in this mode is x0.3, and the maximum is x110.
  • 1st difficult. The mode assumes 8 nearby, the risk level is high. The minimum payout here is assumed to be x0.2 of the bet, and the maximum is x29.
  • 2nd difficult. This round involves 16 rows and a high level of risk. The minimum payout here is x0.2, and the maximum is x1000.

The Plinko slot offers different levels of gameplay. Players can decide for themselves how much money they want to risk:

Number of rows Rewards in a low risk game Rewards in a medium risk game Rewards in a high risk
8 0.5x-5.6x 0.4x-13x 0.2x-29x
9 0.7x-5.6x 0.5x-18x 0.2x-43x
10 0.5x-8.9x 0.4x-22x 0.2x-76x
11 0.7x-8.4x 0.5x-24x 0.2x-120x
12 0.5x-10x 0.3x-33x 0.2x-170x
13 0.7x-8.1x 0.4x-43x 0.2x-260x
14 0.5x-7.1x 0.2x-58x 0.2x-420x
15 0.7x-15x 0.3x-88x 0.2x-620x
16 0.5x-16x 0.3x-110x 0.2x-1,000x

How to start playing Plinko for real money

I personally decided to understand the features of launching the Plinko slot machine. And I want to note that it is very simple. Plinko game for money looks like this:

  1. Select a suitable reliable crypto casino, go through the registration procedure and top up your game balance.
  2. In the search bar of the game library, enter the name of the slot and click on it. Then we select the gameplay mode.
  3. Select the Plinko game level, since there are only six of them with different risks, you need to decide.
  4. Select the ball launch mode. The Plinko adventure has two modes – manual and automatic.
  5. We indicate the bet size for each round. To do this, click on the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the bet.
  6. Start the round by clicking on the “Play” button. This action will launch the ball and it will begin to fall to a certain odds.

Plinko arcade game for money can bring real winnings, but gamers risk personal funds, since the results of the gameplay are impossible to predict.

The maximum winnings that the crazy Plinko slot can bring will be 1000 times your bet. However, such a coefficient occurs only in one round – the very last one with the maximum level of risk. Gamers decide for themselves whether they want to take such risks. This multiplier appears very rarely, so the chances of getting exactly the x1000 multiplier are very low.


First deposit bonus – 180%; On the second – 240%; On the third – 300%; On the fourth – 360%.

Welcome bonus on the 1st deposit 100% match bonus up to €250 + 100 FS.The minimum deposit is 20 EUR/USD/USDT.

First deposit bonus – 100% (up to 1000 USD) + 100 FS (code: BK 1); On the second – 75% (up to 1000 USD) + 75 FS (code: BK 2); On the third – 50% (up to 1000 USD) + 50 FS (code: BK 3).


Strategy recommendations

Here are some tips on strategy and tactics how to win at Plinko:

  • Probability distribution: realize that each slot has a certain probability of chips falling. In general, chips are more likely to fall into slots closer to the center of the playing field, due to the laws of probability and the random movement of chips.
  • Choice of starting position: choosing the starting position of your chips in order to maximize your chances of winning. This usually means choosing the middle point at the top of the table, but this can change depending on the specific location of the prize slots.
  • Observe and adapt: pay attention to how the chips fall as you play and adapt your strategy if you find any predictable patterns or patterns. Sometimes the chips may move the same way because of imperfections in the board or its shape.
  • Randomness: recognize that arkadium Plinko is just an another popular game of chance and that you should not rely on any particular tactic or strategy. Your goal should be to maximize your chances of winning, but ultimately the outcome depends on chance.
  • Enjoy the game: Don’t forget that the main purpose of the game is to have fun. Enjoy the game and don’t take the results too seriously.

Just give a try

Anyways, there’s no best winning Plinko strategy. And if you doubt if is Plinko legit — there’s no question in it. With its widespread popularity and inclusion in reputable game shows, Plinko has earned its place as a legitimate and engaging form of entertainment. So embark on an exhilarating journey that seamlessly blends classic entertainment with cutting-edge technology! Delve into the immersive world of Plinko from our licensed crypto casinos list, where the familiar joy of The Price is Right’s beloved game takes on a new and innovative form. Plinko enthusiasts can now enjoy this timeless experience with a modern twist, all within the realm of cryptocurrencies.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of releasing chips down the dynamic zigzagging board, eagerly anticipating the landing slot that holds the promise of points or prizes. Our crypto casinos elevates the Plinko adventure by prioritizing transparency and trust, ensuring a fair and delightful experience for every player. Explore the perfect synergy of traditional amusement and the contemporary allure of cryptocurrencies. Join us in this distinctive venture, where the enchantment of Plinko machine converges with the exhilaration of the crypto casino – a harmonious blend of timeless fun and innovative excitement!



Plinko is a cherished game from The Price is Right, an iconic American TV show. The objective of the game is to release chips from the top of a vertical board adorned with zigzag pins, guiding them through slots at the bottom. The rewards, be they points or prizes, differ depending on the particular slot where a chip finds its place.
Choose the starting position of your token to maximize your chances of winning. This usually means selecting the center point at the top of the playing field, but this can vary depending on the specific location of the prize slots.
Plinko is a game of chance, where the result hinges on luck. While employing strategies like selecting an optimal starting position and observing and adapting to chip movements can be applied, the ultimate outcome of the game is dictated by chance.
Chips are more likely to fall into the center slots due to the laws of probability and random chip movement. As the chips move around the board, they find pins and the probability of them hitting the center slots increases.
The main purpose of playing Plinko is to have fun. Although certain strategies can be used to increase the chances of winning, it is important to remember that the outcome of the game is determined randomly, and the most important thing is to enjoy the process.
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