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Lee ‘Foxtrot9’ Raven

Created by Litho – download all 8 as litho3.zip (FLF)

Rename the one you want to use to crosshairs.spr. The game will use a single crosshair for all weapons.

litho3a litho3b litho3c litho3d litho3e litho3f

Created by Takeout – takeout2.zip (FLF)

Rename the one you like to crosshairs.spr

takeout2a takeout2b takeout2c takeout2d takeout2e takeout2f takeout2g

More single crosshairs by Takeout (FLF)

click a pic to download or get all 12 as Takeout4.zip. Rename to crosshairs.spr

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Created by Freakonaleash
Created by Marc
Created by Brian Tabar

Created by [P]Stalker (FLF) For use in Team Fortress Classic Each weapon will now have it’s own crosshair, but you’ll need the new weapon text files to make it work. Download both hairs below along with the weapons text files as stalker-crosshairs.zip (don’t use the weapon text files with FLF)

stalker1 stalker2
Created by Goliath For use in Team Fortress Classic
Created by Goliath For use in Team Fortress Classic
Created by M Jesperson Check this one out!

Due to the slightly different orientation of the Front Line Force crosshair setup, most of the regular HL replacement sets will be missing hairs for two weapons. The 2 sets below were made specifically for Front Line Force. But there are a few other sets here that have those 2 extra hairs. Look for the FLF next to the creator’s name on HL pages 1 thru 3 for other sets that will work for Front Line Force. Or use one of Litho’s hairs on HL Page 1 for a single crosshair that works for all weapons. Replace the crosshairs.spr file in the frontline/sprites folder with the one you download here.


standard FLF hairs


Created by VecteR

click the pic to download


Two of the rifles in FLF, the M4 and the MSG90, have scopes. The M4 has a 4X scope and uses a regular crosshair for it. The MSG90 has a 6X scope with two magnification levels. It uses a sniper crosshair called msg90zoomed.spr. This can be replaced with any of the Counter Strike sniper crosshairs if you choose. Just rename the CS crosshair file to msg90zoomed.spr. and put it in the frontline/sprites folder. You’ll need to rename or delete msg90zoomed.spr. first.

Image image


at it’s 2 magnification levels


Gunman is a stand alone game that uses the Half-life engine. It uses the same sprite file structure for it’s crosshairs and the same file name, crosshairs.spr, but the crosshair sizes are larger, so the HL replacement crosshair files cannot be used in Gunman. But since it uses the same type of sprite files, you can use the Redesign Kit to alter the originals if you like. As always, you’ll find the crosshairs.spr file inside the sprites folder, which is inside the Rewolf folder. Check back as I may have some replacements made for Gunman at a later date.


Gunman Crosshairs


There are over 20 weapons in this WWII based team play mod for Half-Life. Many of them use the standard HL crosshairs.spr file in the valve/sprites folder. So if you’ve already replaced that file you’ll see some familiar hairs in the game.

The rest use a new file called dodcross.spr in the dod/sprites folder, shown below. Since it uses the same format as the standard HL crosshairs, it can easily be replaced by renaming any of the HL replacement sets downloadable here to dodcross.spr and putting it in the dod/sprites folder. It will only make use of the crosshairs in the top two rows. It can also be edited/altered using the HL Redesign Kit.



Make The DOD Sniper Hairs More Visible

DOD has two weapons, the Gewehr 43 Semi Automatic and the Springfield ’03 Rifle that have zoom scopes for snipering. The simple scope crosshairs provided use multiple transparent sprite files as pictured below.

image image


If you feel these aren’t quite enough, they can be augmented with any of the Counter Strike sniper hairs, as long as a small adjustment is made in the weapon text file for each rifle to reflect the new file name and size. Each weapon has a text file in the sprites folder (weapon_gewehr.txt and weapon_spring.txt in the case of the above two weapons) that controls the choice and size of the crosshair, among other things. Open the file with Notepad or any text editor/word processor and look for the following lines:


The word “crosshairs” designates the crosshair file name (without the .spr file extension). Change that to the file name of the CS sniper hair you download(ch_sniper, sniper_scope, etc.) on each line(zoom and zoom_autoaim). Then change the two number ones (1) on each line to 256. Save, and make sure you’re saving it back into the dod/sprites folder. Below are examples of the above with CS sniper hairs added.

image image


The picture above is what the crosshairs.spr file in Half-Life looks like. The x-hairs all come in this one file and change according to weapon selection. If you have already played the game, you know how easily they tend to blend in with many of the environment colors. Often they will disappear altogether when outdoors. Fortunately, they are very easy to change, although they must be replaced as a group unless you want to try redrawing them individually.



How to Replace the HL crosshairs.spr File

In your half-life folder is a folder called valve, and inside that is a folder called sprites. Create a sprites folder if it’s not there. Or if you’re playing through Steam, follow this path to find the sprites folder: Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\half-life\valve\sprites. Delete or rename any crosshairs.spr file already in your sprites folder FIRST. Do NOT delete any other files in the sprites folder. Download a new set of crosshairs from HL pages 1 thru 3 here by clicking on it’s picture or text link. Then put your new crosshairs.spr file in the sprites folder. Most of the downloads are in .spr format. A few are zipped so you’ll need to extract the .spr file from the zip. See the link to Winzip on the left if you need an unzipper. Most are also already named crosshairs.spr, but a few may have other file names. Just rename them to crosshairs.spr, if necessary

The directory structure should look like this when done: half-life\valve\sprites\crosshairs.spr (preceded by the drive letter and folder you installed in, ie: C:\Sierra\, C:\Games\, etc.)

Redesign the HL Crosshairs

If you would like to try redesigning your crosshairs, download the Redesign Kit. It includes Pak Explorer, Sprite Viewer, Sprite Wizard, and very basic instructions. Sorry, I can’t teach you how to use painting programs. You’ll have to learn that on your own. (Try the tutorials at Wavelength.) Pak Explorer is for extracting the crosshair file from the pak0.pak(if necessary). Sprite Viewer is for viewing sprites and converting them to the standard .bmp format. Once converted, you can edit it. Sprite Wizard will convert your redesigned .bmp back into the .spr format. It can also be used for assembling multiple bmps into a single file to create animated sprite effects. All you need is Windows Paint or any other graphics program to do the rest.

For more detailed crosshair design help or to make a new one from scratch, see the great sprite tutorial at Wavelength.

Crosshairs for Half-Life Mods and Add-ons

Most mods are using the default Half-Life crosshairs for their main weapons, so any of the replacements here should work in Team Fortress Classic. Opposing Force, and Fire Arms. Just replace the crosshairs.spr file that’s in the sprites folder inside the valve folder with your choice from pages 1-3 here in the Half-Life section. If you have no sprites folder, create one. If you prefer to use one set of crosshairs for regular HL and a different set for your mod, create a sprites folder (if there isn’t already one) inside the mod’s “game” folder, and put the crosshairs.spr file you download from this site in there. The “game” folder will have a different name for each mod(GEARBOX, TFC, CSTRIKE, FIREARMS), but it will always be the folder installed by the mod that contains the pak0.pak file or the .wad file..

Mods that default to the regular HL crosshairs will look in the mod’s sprites folder for a crosshair first. If there’s none there, they then look in the mod’s “game” folder in the pak file. If they come up empty there, then they will look in the Half-Life sprites folder. If there isn’t one there, they will look finally in the Half-Life pak0.pak file.

Counter Strike’s regular weapon crosshairs cannot be changed. Only the sniper hairs can be replaced.

Using crosshairs made for one game in another may not always work, particularly if the game has it’s own crosshairs, or if there are more or different weapons in the new game, or if the color palettes are different. There are some crosshairs here made specifically for other games. See below.

Half-Life Crosshairs: Pages 1 thru 3
Counter Strike Sniper Crosshairs: Pages 4 thru 7
Opposing Force Crosshairs: Page 8
Other Half-Life Mods: HLmods


Changing The Crosshair

I have restructured the HL2 hairs to hopefully make this process more flexible. Now you can use any crosshair design in either single or multi play, and with or without brackets.

The command to enable the console is con_enable “1”. To bind it to a key add bind “`” “toggleconsole”, substituting whatever key you like in between the quotes.

Below you will see screen shots of each crosshair in it’s single player version with the “quick info” health and ammo brackets around it. Since Valve has added new weapons for multiplayer that aren’t in the single player game, there’s a different font file needed for MP. All the multiplayer hairs will not alter the static brackets around the crosshair. They will still be there. If you prefer to get rid of them, see the Brackets section below.

Beneath each pic are separate download links for single player and multiplayer. Each download is a ZIP file containing the font file with crosshair, and a text file with the installation instructions. They will not automatically install in the correct folder. You’ll need to indicate the path below in your unzipping program, which is explained in the included instructions.

Beneath each pic are separate download links for single player and multiplayer. Each download is a ZIP file containing the font file with crosshair, and a text file with the installation instructions. They will not automatically install in the correct folder. You’ll need to indicate the path below in your unzipping program, which is explained in the included instructions.

For SINGLE PLAYER extract the files to the following folder: Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\half-life2\hl2\resource

For MULTIPLAYER extract the files to the following folder: Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp/resource

For MODS, MAPS, TCs, etc., each should have it’s own resource folder. For example, for the Lost Coast level, it would be as follows: Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\lostcoast\hl2\resource. Others will install in the SourceMods folder rather than in your account name folder. Extract the TTF file to the resource folder for each mod.

It is not necessary to save copies of the original font files. If you decide you don’t care for any of these crosshairs after playing with them for a while, just delete the files installed by the ZIP. The next time you start HL2, the game will regenerate the original font file with the original crosshair. This also holds true for the bracket files below.

Dealing With The Brackets

SINGLE PLAYER: If you have no use for the Quick Info feature, you can turn it off in the mouse controls section. If you prefer an even cleaner look that just shows a crosshair with no brackets, download THIS FILE and extract the .ttf file into the following folder to replace the original. It eliminates the brackets altogether. Steam/SteamApps/youraccountname/half-life2/hl2/resource

MULTI PLAYER: Since they serve no real purpose in multiplayer, many people prefer to not have the curved brackets around the crosshair. I have found that there are occasions where they actually helped in aiming so have left them intact in each crosshair on this site. If you would rather not have them, download THIS FILE,, and extract the .ttf file to the following folder: Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2\resource. Any of the following multiplayer crosshairs will then have no brackets around them.

Changing The Crosshair


Using the HL2 Console

To enable the console in HL2 and make it available during the game, create an autoexec.cfg file inside the CFG folder. The full path to this folder would be steam/steamapps/youraccountname/half-life 2/hl2/cfg.

The command to enable the console is con_enable “1”. To bind it to a key add bind “`” “toggleconsole”, substituting whatever key you like in between the quotes.

For those unfamiliar with config files, they are simple text files (.TXT) renamed as .CFG. Create one by right clicking an empty spot in My Computer or Explorer or on the Desktop and choosing NEW, then Text Document.

HL2 Crosshair Commands

Here’s a few console/config file commands to help you deal with the HUD and crosshair:

  1. crosshair 0 — removes the crosshair (5 white dots only)
  2. crosshair 1 — brings it back
  3. cl_drawhud 0 — removes all HUD elements: crosshair, ammo and health brackets that surround crosshair, and health and suit status at the bottom of the screen. (clean screen)
  4. cl_drawhud 1 — brings back all HUD elements.

Structure Of The Crosshair

The crosshair is composed of two components generated from two different font files:

  1. The 5 white dots are in a file called halflife2.ttf..

  2. The brackets are in a file called hl2crosshairs.ttf


For Single Player, both files are located in this resource folder: Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\half-life2\hl2\resource

For Multi Player, each of the two files is in a different resource folder found by different paths as follows: Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\resource/halflife2.ttf
Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2\resource\hl2crosshairs.ttf

Valve removed the health and ammo indicator feature from the brackets for multiplayer, so you’ll just see thinner static brackets. The MP versions of all the crosshairs pictured on the next page will not alter the the brackets. They will be there. If you prefer no brackets at all, see the section on Page 2 called “Dealing With The Brackets”.

The Q Problem

A few people report seeing a large letter Q in place of the crosshair. If you see the Q without the health and ammo indicator brackets around it, then you probably have an alternate Half-life font file on your system which is overriding both of the above font files. You probably are not seeing your weapon drawings while switching, also.

Look in the Windows\fonts folder or go to Control Panel – Fonts, to see if you have an HL font file in there. It can interfere even if the file name is not the same. Delete it, or move it to another folder if you need to keep it, and see if that solves the problem. Even an alternate CS font file may cause trouble. Don’t remember ever downloading a Half Life or CS font file? It could have come with one of the updates to The All Seeing Eye. After deleting or moving the other font file, you’ll probably need to restart your computer before the change will take effect.

If you see the Q but still have the indicator brackets around it, your halflife2.ttf file may be corrupted. To test for a corrupted file, browse to the resource folder as indicated in the path above and delete the halflife2.ttf file. Start the game and a new one will be generated.

If you still see the Q after trying both solutions above, try reinstalling the game. Or keep searching your hard drive for another HL font file (do a file search for *.ttf), and get rid of it.

The Missing Hud Problem

If you no longer see your weapon drawings when switching weapons (but DON’T have a “Q” for your crosshair), go to Options, Keyboard, Advanced, and UNCHECK “fast weapon switch”.

Editing The Hl2 Crosshair

A true type font editor is required. It’s not at all like normal bitmap graphics editing as it’s vector based, but if you want to try your hand at it, a shareware editor called Font Creator can be downloaded HERE. It’s fully functioning for 30 days. Good luck! And make sure to set the properties of the new file you create to Read Only, or the game will overwrite it with the original.

Changing The Crosshair