Dennis Stets

Dino is an exciting crash game developed by the MyStake casino team. It’s a well-known and trusted online casino that has won the hearts of millions of players all over. It is characterized by high quality and diverse gaming options, offering access to thousands of classic slots, table games, live dealer tournaments and more. In this review, we will talk about the top newcomer of 2024 — the Dino game. But first of all here’s some basic information about the Dino slot:

Game name Dine
Type Crash
Provider MyStake
Release Date 2020
Mobile compatibility browser only
Demo mode available
Minimum bet $0.20
Max bet $1,000
Starting multiplier 1.01x
Maximum multiplier 100,000x
Average Cash Out Multiplier Range 5x to 50x
RTP from 96% to 98%
Volatility high
Currencies $, €, £, cryptocurrency
Languages English + several other languages

Main goal

Dino Casino game is an exciting adventure with a pixelated dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex, who rushes forward on the screen while the value of the «multiplier» is rapidly growing above him. The main goal of the game is to manage to cash out your winnings before an asteroid crashes down on the hero, ending the round.

The longer the player holds on to their dinosaur without cashing out, the higher the multiplier becomes, opening the way to bigger payouts. However, if a player takes too long to cash out by risking a collision with an asteroid, they risk losing their accumulated winnings from that round. Balancing risk and reward makes for an incredibly exciting game!

Start of the game

At the beginning of the game, players choose their bet size between $0.2 and $1,000. The higher the bet, the bigger the potential winnings. They then press the «Start» button and watch as the multiplier starts to increase and our hero Dino runs forward.

At any point, players can press the «Cash Out» button to claim their winnings according to the current multiplier and their original bet. However, it should be remembered that slowing down too long can lead to disaster — Dino can collide with an asteroid and die as a result of the explosion!


Multiplier and payout system

The minimum multiplier in the game is only 1.01x, but the maximum can reach an impressive 100,000x! However, you will have to be a bit lucky to achieve such colossal gains.

Usually, experienced players advise you to withdraw when the multiplier reaches between 5x and 50x. However, even small wins can significantly increase your balance over time.

Payouts are calculated by multiplying the withdrawal multiplier by your initial bet. For example, if you finished the game with a multiplier of 10x on a $10 bet, your winnings would be $100. Not bad at all!

Dino Game

Other game features

In addition to the main Cash Out feature, the Dino game includes several useful additional features to help you optimize your gaming experience:

  • Double Bet: This feature allows you to place two separate bets in the same round with different multipliers. This is particularly useful for ensuring that your positions are protected.
  • Autocash: Set a multiplier threshold, when reached, the game will automatically withdraw your money. This is a great way to set goals and automate the withdrawal process.
  • Game History: In this section, you can view data on the maximum multipliers reached in previous rounds. This will help you better understand the probabilities in future games.
  • Statistics: Here you can view various key stats such as the average cash win multiplier for all sessions and the highest multiplier in the history of the game. This will help you track your progress and make more informed decisions.

Skillful use of all of these tools can greatly increase your potential for winnings!


Dino demo version

MyStake casino offers the opportunity to play Dino using demo credits, which allows beginners to practice without the risk of losing real money. Even without putting real money on the line, the demo version allows you to familiarize yourself with the entire gameplay of Dino by MyStake.

Explore how Dino avoids asteroids and earn imaginary payouts! When you feel confident, you can make a deposit and start playing for real money to get real winnings.


Recommendations on strategy

Here are some recommendations for effective betting strategies in the Dino game:

  1. Start conservatively: Start with small bets and pay out when the multiplier reaches 3-5 times. This will help you appreciate the dynamics of the game without taking big risks.
  2. Analyze statistics: Review previous rounds to make informed decisions on when is the best time to withdraw money. This will help you determine the optimal time to complete a round.
  3. Increase multipliers as your bankroll grows: As your bankroll grows, consider increasing the size of your bets for bigger winnings. However, be careful not to risk too much.
  4. Set a maximum loss limit: Determine a strict loss limit per session and stick to it. This will help you avoid unnecessarily chasing losses and preserve your bankroll.

Following these strategies will help you maximize your chances of success and make your Dino experience more satisfying.


Playing Dino from Mobile

Currently, the mobile version of Dino by MyStake functions perfectly in the browser, but in the near future, the company plans to develop a dedicated iOS and Android app to improve the gaming experience.

This app will be optimized for mobile devices and will offer exclusive bonuses available only to app users. By registering on the waiting list, you will get priority access to download the Dino app. Download it as soon as it is released on Android or iOS, and enjoy playing Dino anywhere and anytime with other players from all over the world!

Dino Game

Predicting outcomes

While it is impossible to predict the exact values of multipliers in future rounds, analyzing data from previous games and probability distributions can help you make more informed decisions.

Here are some hypothetical probabilities:

  • Winning at a level up to 5x has a probability of about 20%.
  • The probability of getting a multiplier of 20x before blowing up has a probability of about 15%.
  • The probability of achieving a multiplier over 200x is less than 1%.

Based on this data, players can make the following strategic decisions:

  • Cashing out at low multipliers (up to 5x) to ensure consistent winnings of 2-3x.
  • Allowing rounds to continue to reach higher multipliers (20x+) while accepting the risk of blowing up. This balances constant profit-taking with occasional large payouts.

This approach allows players to use mathematical principles to develop a strategy that provides an optimal balance between winnings and risk.


Final Words

In summary, MyStake’s Dino game provides an exciting and potentially lucrative gaming experience. However, it’s important to approach the game wisely: play responsibly, don’t exceed your financial limits, and use optimal strategies.

Over time, consistency leads to increased earnings. Large payouts from time to time bring nice bonuses, and additional promotions add great value to the crash game. Prepare for an exhilarating experience, watch Dino’s every move and keep your fingers crossed whenever an asteroid approaches! While luck matters, making well-considered decisions increases your chances of success.



Playing Dino is straightforward. As the game progresses, a dinosaur runs across the screen, increasing a multiplier. Your goal is to place bets and cash out your winnings before the dinosaur is hit by a meteorite and the round ends.
You can play Dino for free on its demo mode available on MyStake site. However, you cannot win real money.
No, gambling is regulated and strictly forbidden to minors. You will be asked for documents proving that you are of age when you withdraw.
You can withdraw your winnings from €50 on MyStake (if you have no wager in progress). You’ll need to send your documents to validate your account. Then withdraw your winnings via wire transfer or cryptocurrency.
It’s impossible to win or predict a move on Dino! Different generators, hacks, cheats and strategy are all scams or viruses. The casino always wins in the long run.

Pine of Plinko 2 — newest product in 2024 and the logical continuation of the sensational slot from Print Studios (its collection includes such slots like Darkness, Cash Defense, Book of Destiny and others). As in the previous version, here developers combined all the charms of classic slots with the rules of Plinko. Run Pine of Plinko 2 can be in paid and demo mode. More information you can learn from our latest guide.

Pine of Plinko 2

Game Review

Finally, a Western slot developer has opened its eyes to the huge potential inherent in the Japanese concept of Pachinko. Who else but the creative team at Print Studios? And we really hope that Pine of Plinko will be the big breakthrough this small studio deserves.

At the beginning of the gameplay, you’re transported into a breathtaking fantasy world of pine trees, with charming characters and symbols. All this despite the fact that this basic game offers little to offer (in terms of features).

However, all is forgiven when the Plinko Bonus Game is triggered — and it happens quite regularly. As soon as the first batch of balls starts bouncing off the bumpers, you’re hooked. Unsurprisingly, Japanese arcades are full of such type of machines. The game is addictive enough that you don’t want it to end (and it can continue thanks to level ups). And we haven’t even touched the opportunity to earn more money — to the potential winnings up to 10,000x of your bet.

We can’t overlook the game’s exceptional look and feel, which deserves a special mention. Print Studios are somewhat of an expert in creating fantastic slot machines. Once again, the design team has done an outstanding job, putting a lot of effort into the artistic design of the slot.

At first glance, Pine of Plinko is as charming as it can be for the world of virtual gambling. As soon as you dive into the gameplay, you’ll be mesmerized by the quality visuals and stunning attention to detail.

It seems that literally everything here has been thought out down to the smallest detail. And this is indeed true, as we had the opportunity to observe the step-by-step process of creating the blueprints of the slot on the developer’s social networks. This is really impressive. Overall, in our opinion Pine of Plinko 2 definitely hits the big leagues in terms of looks, being one of the most charming and cozy slots we’ve seen so far.


Features of the slot Pine of Plinko 2

Next, let’s move on to the rules and subtleties of the game Pine of Plinko 2. There is nothing complicated about them — especially if you have previously played the first part. You win if 3 to 5 identical symbols fall on a payline, and the 4 symbols are Miney, Sleepy, Santa and Piney. They pay 10x-200x your bet for 5 identical symbols on a payline.

There are no wilds in this game. But there is one secret — you can pay 75% more per spin in the base game using the ante Scatter Boost bet feature. This manipulation doubles your chances of triggering the bonus round (and also increases the RTP to 96.78%).

To activate the Plinko bonus round, you must hit at least 3 random number scatters. The sum of the numbers on all the scatters that fall becomes the number of starting rolls in the Plinko bonus game. You press a button to drop small balls onto the game grid — all reminds us of Pachinko. The balls end up at the bottom of the grid. But before they fall down to the bottom, many of them are sure to collide with the 3 bumpers at the top of the grid. Each ball that hits a bumper, which can happen multiple times, increases the counter above the net. Fill the counter to increase the level and get +10 extra balls, which are played in the next level.

Each level increase doubles the total number of balls dropped. Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 award 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 balls total per round respectively. As the balls work their way down, they will fall into gaps with different prize values associated with them. The gap values range from 0.1x to 1,000x of your bet. In the end it all adds up to your total winnings.

Comparing Pine of Plinko 2 with other slots

Name: Provider: Paylines: Bonus: Free spins: Wild: Jackpot:
Pine of Plinko 2 Print Studios 10 Yes No No 20,000х your bet
Burning Blox GigaBlox Jelly Slots 20 Yes Yes Yes 3,146x your bet
Mystic Spells Fantasma Games 15 Yes Yes Yes 10,000х your bet
Golden Amulet CT Gaming Interactive 5 Yes No No 5,000x your bet
Banquet of Dead Play’N Go 10 Yes Yes Yes 35,000х your bet
Break da Bank Retro Roller Games Global 5 No No Yes 500х your bet

Game Pros

  • Pay 75% more per spin to double your chances of winning the Plinko bonus;
  • Bonus drop rate: 1 in 100 spins (or 1 in 50 with an ante bet included);
  • A super exciting Plinko bonus in the style of Pachinko game;
  • Stunning design and soundtrack;
  • Buy-in bonus for 79x of the bet with an average win up to 76.53x;
  • Winning up to 10,000x of your bet (1 in 6.77 million win rate);
  • Ability to choose between the regular and Dream Drop Jackpot versions.

Conclusion on new slot

We’ve been waiting for a solid hybrid of Pachinko and classic slots for a while now — and Print Studios has kindly delivered in the form of Pine of Plinko 2. The immersive world of pine trees is masterfully crafted, although the base game can get a little tedious after a while. No need to worry about that though, as you can always include an ante bet to shorten the gaps between all of Plinko’s exciting bonus rounds.

The normal bonus dropout rate is 1 in 100 spins, but this increases to 1 in 50 spins. This happens when you pay for extra scatters (using the ante bet). Frankly speaking, we found it hard to tear ourselves away from the game while writing this review, and we can’t wait to get back to run more balls into that bumper net. It’s no wonder this concept is so insanely popular in Japan, and we hope this release catches on around the world. Agreed, the potential to win 10,000x the bet is pretty solid, and we hope this release gets the attention it deserves.



December 2, 2023.
The RTP in Pine of Plinko slot is 96.48%, which is well above the industry average. However, the Dream Drop Jackpot version will have a lower RTP rate of 93.48%.
This machine has high volatility from Print Studios, scoring 4 out of 5 on their own volatility scale.
Yes. The number of freespins depends on the Scatter symbols.
You can win up to 10,000x your bet and even more if you play the Dream Drop Jackpot version.
The average win when you reach the final level of the bonus round (256 balls) is 5,342x of your bet (and 8,497x your bet for the entire bonus round). The odds of hitting the final level is 1 in 4.75, and it comes off once in 67,751 runs of the bonus round.
Yes, you can try the free demo version of the game at the chosen casino. To play for real money you must first verify your age (more than 18 or 21). On our gambling platform you’ll also find a list of online casinos that already offer this slot.

Many casino players have been battling slot machines for years with varying success, not realizing that it is possible to easily reach a return of 99.2-99.6%. At the same time, you do not need to study the strategy beforehand and think about decisions in the process. We are talking about the game of Craps. Otherwise it is called «American dice». This casino discipline was considered exotic until 2020. Now it is offered on almost 100% of the gaming sites. This review will fill the lack of information and teach you how to play against the casino almost on equal terms.


Basic principles of the game

The rules of the game Craps in the casino are not simple. It will be easier to understand them after finding out some of the points that are unfamiliar to online gamblers. There is no set of points on the dice and comparing combinations with the dealer.

There are two stages in the round. In the initial stage the player “orders” points. In the final stage, he tries to get them by rolling two dice.

The number of bet types is 30+. Four of them allow the player to return 99% or better. At the same time, they actually duplicate one another — it is possible for player to use only one of them.

Craps Game

Odds of winning

It is useful to know the probabilities of winning both stages of the game of Craps. Also, which points order is the most favorable.

Event Probability
Winning the first stage – 7 or 11 22,23%
Losing in the first stage – 2, 3 or 12 11,12%
A seven in the second stage – loss 16,67%
In the second stage an order of 6 or 8 is fulfilled 13,89%
5 or 9 11,11%
4 or 10 8,83%

The three added chips is a basic rule. Sometimes a land-based establishment or an e-craps provider (online casino) will change their number. Then the return to the player will be as follows:

  • Four extra chips – 99.75%.
  • Two – 99.4%.
  • One – 99.2%.
  • None – 98.6%.

In any casino in the world, the rules are standard. They differ only in the amount of delivery allowed. But it is possible to play and in a home format — with friends. This variety is called “street craps”. Usually use the casino rules, choosing a single pass-line bet. Delivery is prohibited because of the complex reciprocal calculations of the participants. Street craps are played with two people.


History of Craps

The rules of the game of Craps were formed in the 1930s when gambling was legalized in Nevada. Earlier in the XVII century gambling entertainment with two dice hit Louisiana with French immigrants and spread throughout the states during the Civil War (1861-1865). Before that, it was played in England and northern France. The two-dice game came here from the Middle East during the Crusades.

Now in US establishments, the discipline shares the first place in popularity with Blackjack. On the Internet, Craps was an exotic discipline until 2020. Many gaming sites ignored it. The electronic version was created by about 10 software manufacturers — that’s not enough. Since 2020, the direction was taken up by the developer Evolution Gaming. As a result, Craps appeared in almost 100% of online operators.

The rules can be divided into two branches: recreational and professional. The former includes over 30 bets that are allowed to be placed at any time. For most of these bets, the casino advantage exceeds 4%.

Experienced players engage one of the following bets: Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come. These involve splitting the round into two stages. For all four, delivery is allowed, with no profit for the casino. Both recreational and understanding players operate at the table at the same time, choosing one of the ways of drawing: either with a single throw, bringing the result immediately, or with a long round of several attempts.


Table and equipment

Average dimensions of the table in meters — 5 × 2. The height of the board from the floor is about 1 meter, and depth — 60-80 cm. The table is divided into two wings. Areas for bets (boxes) on them are duplicated so that 20-30 people can play at the same time. The bets are placed inside the table. Two dice are thrown there as well.

There are five dice in the Craps game set. Two are selected for rolling. The others are set aside. Only the players roll.

A stick is an essential accessory. It is a wooden “poker” about 1 meter long. It is needed to serve the dice to the player. Casino employees, leading the game, do not take the dice in their hands.

Also on the table are two plastic washers with “ON” and “OFF” written on the sides. They are used to show which stage of the game is in progress.

In Craps it is customary to play with chips. These are tokens without face value. They are exchanged for chips with a designated value, which the client receives at the cashier’s office of the institution. Each player has chips of a different color. Betting with chips is not prohibited.

First deposit bonus – 180%; On the second – 240%; On the third – 300%; On the fourth – 360%.

Welcome bonus on the 1st deposit 100% match bonus up to €250 + 100 FS.The minimum deposit is 20 EUR/USD/USDT.

First deposit bonus – 100% (up to 1000 USD) + 100 FS (code: BK 1); On the second – 75% (up to 1000 USD) + 75 FS (code: BK 2); On the third – 50% (up to 1000 USD) + 50 FS (code: BK 3).



The main character is the stickman. His main duties are to serve the dice to the player and to name the combination. Traditionally, the stickman is obliged to entertain the guests: jokes and speeches for certain points.

Dealers are commonly referred to as boxman. Base is the wing of the table. There are a total of two bases. Boxmen are engaged in collecting chips and placing them on the boxes. Another participant on the casino side is the boxman. He exchanges chips for chips and monitors the correctness of the actions of the boxman.

One of the players is appointed “shooter” by agreement of all participants. He is to throw. The dice must necessarily hit the far side of the table. The shooter acts until he loses. Then the other player on the left begins to throw. It is not customary for the duty to be abandoned.

At online casinos in the live section, you don’t have to take bets, collect chips and trade chips. Therefore, the game is led by a single person. He only calls the dropped combinations. The throw is made by a special device — a mechanical arm.


Game play and betting

The “correct” play on electronic Craps with pass-line betting and delivery will be discussed. About recreational betting we’ll talk at the end of the article.

  • STEP 1 — getting started. After starting the craps machine, you need to find the Pass Line area. It is located closer to the sides of the table. The chip is placed there and the button for throwing is pressed.
  • STEP 2 — preliminary stage. If 7 or 11 points fell out, the bet is paid 1 to 1. At this point the con is finalized. At 2, 3 or 12 the bet loses. There is also no continuation.
  • STEP 3 — Final Stage. When other points happen in the first stage of the draw, there is an order. The con moves to the second stage. Here it is necessary to fulfill the order before the seven falls out. If you play “correctly”, it is obligatory to place the delivery. It is called Pass Odds. A separate box for it is not provided. Chips are placed behind the main bet Pass Line.

The “correct” play on electronic Craps with pass-line betting and delivery will be discussed. About recreational betting we’ll talk at the end of the article.

  • STEP 4 — determining the winner. If a seven falls in the second stage of the stake, both bets lose. If the order is fulfilled, the payout is 1-to-1 on the pass-odds, and the payout is 1-to-1 on the pass-odds, with increased odds. Other discarded amounts, including 11s, do not affect the result — the throwing continues.

Other bets

The Pass Line bet is duplicated by three other bets: Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come. They have their own complicated mechanics and delivery is also allowed. The return to the player is the same as on the Pass Line, or lower by 0.1%.

The three named wagers are needed in a land-based establishment. In an online casino, you can forget about them and use only the Pass Line.

For reference, information on recreational bets. They do not need to be used, as the return in them is many times worse than for Pass Line with delivery.

Bet Event Casino Advantage
Any 7 Any 7 points 16,67%
Horn Will roll a 2, 3, 11 or 12 regardless of the seven 13,33% or 11,11%
Craps Will roll 2, 3 or 12 regardless of the seven 11,11%
Hardaways Take 4, 6, 8 or 10 will fall before the seven 11,11% or 9,09%
Big 6 / Big 8 6 or 8 will fall before the seven 9,09%
Field Will fall 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 at any time 5,56%
Place Win 4 or 10 4 or 10 will happen before 7 6,67%
Place Win 5 or 9 5 or 9 will happen sooner than 7 4%
Place Win 6 or 8 6 or 8 will happen sooner than 7 1,52%

Tips for beginners

When raising a bet, you need to consider the table’s maximum. It is usually only 200 times higher than the minimum. The limit applies not only to the initial bet. Delivery chips are taken into account. For this reason, raising after every failure is a bad way, as it is possible to exceed the table maximum. An increase is made after receiving a loss of a certain amount.

In a land-based institution it is possible to start with the Come bet without waiting. The new participant will be assigned an individual point — the entrance to the game will be immediately.

Recreational bets with high odds can be used in lottery format — once or twice per session. The only acceptable bet accepted at any time is Place 6 or 8. The payoff on it is 1.52%.

We do not recommend you play on the tables of the provider Evolution. Here the return to the player is 99.2%. It is better to look for craps machines from other providers. On them the return is higher, and the process is much faster.

Craps Game

Frequently Asked Questions

Not everywhere due to the small casino advantage. If allowed, no more than 20% of the wagered amount is counted for bonuses.
In online casinos where there are a lot of Americans. In popular online casinos tables on general grounds can participate in tournaments held in the “Live” section.
In Craps, unlike other table disciplines, the spread is small. In both land-based and online casinos — 50, 100 or 200 times.
Up to 2 minutes in a land-based establishment when crowded. On craps machines, the game is completed 4-5 times faster.
On average, four or five. Sometimes up to 20.
Despite the fact that the Pass Odds payout is higher for the rare points 4 and 9, the more frequent combinations of 6 and 8 are preferred.
Yes, but this should not be done, as electronic models of Craps inscriptions on the boxes for betting from a phone are difficult to read.
Exclude the first stage of the round and immediately compete, who will throw out a seven or an eight faster.

The variety of casino games on the internet is not even worth talking about. Leading operators offer thousands of slots to choose from and every player is sure to find (or has already found) their favorite winning machine. So what to look out for in 2024?

Before writing this material, we carefully read the reviews of gamblers on the Internet for the last month. And so many call the Aviator slot truly revolutionary. We would not be so categorical, but this slot really has some interesting features worthy of attention. Therefore, we suggest you read the review of this gambling game.


What is Aviator?

In 2019, the company Spribe presented an unusual development to the public. This gaming software bears little resemblance to traditional slots, as there are no classic reels, lines and symbols. Aviator slot machine offered users to track aviation and manage to get payouts before the plane flies away. The game is popular at reputable casinos around the world due to its original gameplay, simple rules and high-quality visuals.

Now it’s a universal gambling game that can be safely recommended to everyone. Slot machines are available only on the sites of verified casinos, licensed by reputable organizations. Aviator game is like a breath of fresh air in the conditions of repetitive themes and design video slots. It is a good solution for new players looking to preserve their bankroll and for experienced users who are hunting for big payouts. At least due to the fact that the user can decide for himself how much time and money to spend on this new product.

Aviator Game

Main point of the game

Gambling online game Aviator has a pretty simple and intuitive interface. The essence of the machine is in time to stop the airplane, which arcs upward. After starting the game, the airplane gradually takes off and the ratio begins to grow. At this time, the player must press the stop at a certain point so that the plane does not fall and crash.

Such simple plot and the ease of the game can pull the player into this exciting betting process for hours. Here almost everything depends only on you and your decision to stop in time. In this case, it is very important to intuitively find the ideal time to press the button, where the coefficient will be maximized, respectively, and your profit will be greater.

Is it available for free?

In the game Aviator you can play for free or for real money. For free play, you just need to go to the demo version of the site of your chosen casino and enjoy the game. To play for real money you need to put in a little more effort. First you have to register, go through verification, fund your account and only then place bets for real money.

All users can play for free. It is not even necessary to register. Only registered users can play for real money — this type of game brings a completely different experience.

Also there are usually two forms of play in Aviator: manual or automatic betting. Each of them is different and has its own functions. In order to bet, the player must choose the random bet or make his own. Before the airplane starts flying, the bet button must be pressed (the “cash out” tab makes it easy to find out the preliminary winnings).

For autoplay mode in the settings of the machine the user must select:

  • Size of bet;
  • The number of times the airplane will fly;
  • The reason why the airplane may stop.

When starting the automatic game, the player can enable cashout. After this action, the gameplay will become fully automated. Also Aviator usually has 2 playing fields — you can use them simultaneously or separately.


Where to find Aviator slot machine

Despite the huge popularity, not in every online casino in the country you will find Aviator. Leading operators understand how important the presence of this slot in their catalog, so will include the game with an airplane in their list. Moreover, sites put this game in a separate section to make it easier for players to find it.

As for the top casinos, in which to play Aviator is the most convenient, we recommend:

  • 1Win Aviator;
  • Stake Aviator;
  • Pin-Up Aviator.

First deposit bonus – 180%; On the second – 240%; On the third – 300%; On the fourth – 360%.

Welcome bonus on the 1st deposit 100% match bonus up to €250 + 100 FS.The minimum deposit is 20 EUR/USD/USDT.

First deposit bonus – 100% (up to 1000 USD) + 100 FS (code: BK 1); On the second – 75% (up to 1000 USD) + 75 FS (code: BK 2); On the third – 50% (up to 1000 USD) + 50 FS (code: BK 3).


Advantages of Aviator game

The game aviator has a lot of regular users. Here’s what almost they note in the pros:

  1. High payback percentage. The RTP in Aviator is really high — from 97%. Advanced players know that this is a very good rate.
  2. Easy to use game and with simple to follow rules. You can learn Aviator in a matter of minutes.
  3. The availability of demo mode. That is, you can try out the game for free, without spending your money or even going through registration.
  4. Automatic game. This is really a very necessary function, thanks to which the game process becomes fully automated.
  5. Quick wins. You can earn money just in a few seconds after starting the gaming process.
  6. Dynamics of the game. The gameplay of Aviator is exciting and interesting.

This was only a small part of Aviator’s advantages — it’s possible to do your own research and find others. The main thing is that players all over the world treat this machine very well. There’s only a few slots where you can place a bet and after a few seconds double it. How easy is that?


How to increase the chance of winning in Aviator

In a relatively small period of time, it has gained a lot of fans among fans of online entertainment. Many gamblers have begun to explore it in more detail, asking the question «How to win at Aviator?».

Aviator Tips, Part 1

Although the Aviator game uses a random number generator (RNG) and is impossible to cheat, there are a few tips that can help increase a player’s chances for success:

  • Limit the playing time and choose the right moment to stop. If you play Aviator for a long time, the chance of losing all your money will be close to 100%;
  • Use financial strategies such as “flat” or percentage of the pot to structure your game and choose the best bet amount;
  • Set specific financial goals for each playing session and pause once they are reached.
  • Experiment with different strategies, as each has its advantages and disadvantages;
  • Take into account the psychological aspect and try to stay calm during the game, remembering that even with the right strategy there is always a risk of losing.

No method from the Internet, no strategy from a famous blogger can guarantee a player 100% results. It is impossible to predict when the airplane will fall, as the winnings are determined by a random number generator, like we mentioned before.

Aviator Tips, Part 2

Don’t completely dismiss strategies — sometimes they do help. Professional gamblers distinguish three key strategies. Each of them is characterized by its own chance of winning and profit:

  1. Cancel bets in the odds range from 1.1 to 1.50. This tactic is the simplest and most straightforward. With it, most bets will bring you profit. If you watch an airplane take off, you will notice that it almost always overcomes the 1.50 mark. This means that the chance of winning increases several times.
  2. Use low stakes data to place big bets. This method requires more time for realization, but you can win much more than in the first method. All fields of the game are used for this strategy. After 6 or more wins of low bets, you should place one bigger bet and put the odds x2. At this time, the second field can be left and wait for the multiplication of 5-10 times. The first bet will reset to zero with a x2 bet. So you will not get away with less just because of the profit from the second bet, which will cover the costs.
  3. The third method is suitable only for patient gamblers. To implement the last strategy, you will need to enter the statistics and choose a game in which the odds are x100. Once you have found such a game and selected it, set a stopwatch and wait for one hour to pass. As statistics shows, high odds, namely 100-200, occur once every hour and a half. To play we use two fields: the first winnings must be taken at x40, and the second must be brought to x100-x150. This way is the most profitable, but also as you realized the most time-consuming. So the choice is yours.

These were proven working tactics to win in Aviator. We strongly advise you not to use strategies where somebody talks about the specific seconds of cashing out. Especially, when the information is paid-for. In Aviator game the winnings depend on the random number generator, so you can not influence the results. Do not trust paid ways to win at Aviator — know that these are scammers. It’s way better to use your own experience and try your luck. Thanks for your attention!

Cinematography can no longer ignore the popularity of cybersports. Filmmakers around the world have actively taken to shooting movies and TV series about computer games. Leadership in the production of cyber sports TV-projects seized the countries of Asia, but in the U.S. and the West are trying to keep up. In this material we collected the best series about cyber sports and computer games. Considered plot twists, casts, directors, release dates and other interesting facts about filming.

List of the best cyber sports series

There are no spoilers in this article. We only tried to help fans of cyber sports TV-projects to choose a series to their liking.

#1: «Noobees» (2018)

A teenage girl Sylvia dreams of becoming a professional basketball player and has no interest in computer games. One day she learns about her father Hector’s longtime dream to win a prestigious cybersports tournament.

As a child, Hector was a top gamer. What prevented him from becoming a champion was the disappearance of his best friend and his subsequent retirement from the pro scene. Sylvia decides to fulfill her father’s dream and join the «Noobees» team, which he coaches. The youngest brother of the protagonist, Erik, also plays for this team.

Later the «Noobees» team entered the Professional Video Game League, where their main opponent was the Rockers. An additional motivation for Eric and Sylvia is the fact that their opponents are coached by a man named Roberto. It was he who once became the champion in a wrestling match with Hector.

«Noobees» path to the top will not be easy, because very soon Sylvia falls in love with David, who plays for The Rockers. Teenage romance, the difficulties of growing up and sporting excitement mix, testing the protagonist for strength.

Popular Colombian series were directed by Santiago Vargas. The first season was released in 2018 on Nickelodeon TV channel, gathering more than 10 million views. The role of Sylvia was played by Mexican actress Michelle Oliveira.

Falling Into Your Smile
Falling Into Your Smile

#2: «Falling Into Your Smile» (2021)

The ZDGX team has no equal in the Chinese cyber sports league. The idyll in the male team is broken by the arrival of Tong Yao, who becomes the first girl on the pro scene in the Celestial Empire. The team does not accept the protagonist, but she is not upset. Tong Yao has passed a tough selection process and is now determined to succeed.

To focus on games, the girl gave herself a promise not to have a close relationship with a cyber athlete. Tong Yao’s plan is hindered by Lu Xi Cheng. Captain ZDGX falls in love with the protagonist and intends to win her favor. Now the first girl in Chinese cybersport will have to solve two problems at once: to understand her feelings for Lu Xi Cheng and to help ZDGX to break the long-lasting series of defeats in the championship of the Celestial Empire.

The Chinese TV show «Fall Into Your Smile» has made it to our list of the best cyber sports doramas. It premiered in 2021. In English dubbing, this TV series received two titles, the second — «Cybercrush».

The picture was shot by Chinese director Qiu Zhongwei. The role of Tong Yao performed by Yaeng Xiao, Lu Si Cheng — Kevin Xu. The plot of «Fall Into Your Smile» is based on the novel of the same name.

#3: «Players» (2022)

If you are even a little bit interested in cybersports, you must have noticed how many documentaries are devoted to teams and championships. The creators of the series “Players” decided not to reinvent the wheel and in the format of mockumentary (pseudo-documentary movie) to tell the story of the negligent team Fugitive Gaming, which has been dreaming of winning the League of Legends championship for a year. In this case Fugitive Gaming members should be helped by a new star — 17-year-old Organizm, who will have to find a common language with the team’s captain, 27-year-old cybersport veteran Creamcheese. Of course, as in any sports series/movie, everything ends with a happy ending, but that’s not the most important thing here.

«The Players» is primarily a mockumentary («The Office», «Parks and Recreation», «Borat»). So if you’ve watched anything on this list, you realize that an important part of the plot is character interviews. However, if in «The Office» we really laugh at the characters, then the screenwriters make every effort to begin to empathize with them.

So, for example, initially the captain of the team appears to the viewer as a spoiled infantile, and then revealed in a completely different light. It should be noted that the series really absorbed all the template stories from the world of cybersport and played them really ridiculous.


#4: «Hedshot» (2023)

Denis is a high school student who has problems communicating with his peers. Every day he faces bullying, and the virtual world helps him to hide from it.

Corresponding on the Web, the protagonist feels confident. When the situation in real life becomes critical, IIIPAM comes to the rescue. This is an avatar from the video game, which tells Denis ways to solve his problems. Most of IIIPAM’s advice is unethical, but the protagonist listens to it.

As a result, Denis enters the world of professional cybersport and gets everything he dreamed of:

  1. Financial independence.
  2. New acquaintances.
  3. Attention of girls.

With the help of IIIPAM, the schoolboy decides to win the favor of a girl who reciprocates. However, Denis does not realize how much real communication differs from virtual communication.

«Headshot» is a Russian television project directed by Vladimir Bitokov. The first season premiered in 2022. The role of Denis was performed by a novice actor Artem Koshman.

#5: «Go Go Squid!» (2019)

Han Shang Yang is a Chinese cybersecurity expert. After becoming a successful businessman, he moved abroad. One day, the protagonist learned about a computer technology championship in the Celestial Empire. Wanting to win, he returned to his homeland and gathered a cyber sports team.

Shang Yang’s team lost in the finals, which upset the protagonist. Wanting to distract himself, he went to an Internet cafe. There, a young businessman took a liking to a student, Tun Nian, who worked part-time as a receptionist. The sympathy was unrequited, so the protagonist had to get Shang Yang’s favor through social networks.

The guy did not make contact for a long time, but Tun Nian’s persistence paid off. Soon the young businessman realizes that all his thoughts are occupied by a student from the Internet cafe.

The Chinese dorama «Go Go Squid!» premiered in 2019. The role of Han Shang Yang was performed by Li Xian, while Tong Nian was played by Yang Zi. The TV series refers to a fictional Chinese cyber sports league.

Go Go Squid!
Go Go Squid!
Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog's Time (2021)
Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time (2021)

#6: Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time (2021)

And this is a prequel to the first part, but with a slightly different plot. Wu Bai is a young Chinese roboticist. The main character’s passion for cyber sports and robots in particular was initiated by his girlfriend Ai Qing. Inspired by the support of his favorite person, Wu Bai gathers a team to win the robotics championship.

The young people are driven not only by the desire for triumphs. They want to popularize new technologies among the younger generation. Wu Bai and Ai Qing believe that their work will accelerate the rejuvenation of science in China.

Wu Bai and Ai Qing were secondary characters in the dorama «Go Go Squid!». As a result, «Dt. Appledog’s Time» is a spin-off of Han Shan Yang and Tong Nian’s love story.

The images of the main characters were tried on by Wang An Yu (Wu Bai) and Wang Ke Ru (Ai Qing). The TV series premiered in 2021 on the Chinese TV channel iQiyi. It is a single-season project that consists of 38 episodes.

#7: «Gank Your Heart» (2019)

Young Chinese Ji Xiang Kong is a top cyber athlete with a controversial reputation. He does not particularly watch his language, because of which he regularly gets into unpleasant situations. Nevertheless, scandals do not prevent the protagonist from collecting victories at tournaments and building up a crowd of female fans.

A young journalist Qiu Ying is among the fans of Xiang Kong. One day she was broadcasting live from the championship, where Ji performed. The girl was lucky enough to shoot a short video with the cyber sports star and get a small share of popularity. Soon, Qiu Ying met Xiang Kong again. From that moment, the sympathy between the protagonists becomes mutual.

The one-season TV series «Gank Your Heart» is directed by Sha Weiqi. The image of Ji Xiang Kong was tried on by Wang Yi Bo, Qiu Ying was played by Wang Zi Xuan. The project consists of 35 episodes.

In the center of the plot of the Chinese dorama is not only a love drama of the main characters. In parallel, the picture reveals the story of becoming a professional cyber sports commentator, which became Qiu Ying.

Gank Your Heart
Gank Your Heart
Love Scenery
Love Scenery

#8: «Love Scenery» (2021)

Liang Chen is the owner of an extraordinary singing talent. Many guys from China dream of meeting her. Lu Jing is one of the main character’s admirers. He is studying to be a programmer, successfully combining university with a career in cyber sports.

One day, Lu Jing was lucky enough to meet Liang Chen. In the course of a brief dialog, the protagonists learn that they once attended the same school. The common past helps young people to start a relationship, which very quickly becomes romantic.

The director of the picture was Qin Zoe. The role of Liang Chen played by Xu Lu, Lu Jing played by Lin Yi. The dorama «Love Scenery» was included in the top of the best series of 2021.

#9: «Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile» (2016)

Bei Wei Wei is a successful female programmer who has a talent for cyber sports. She studies and performs among many guys, however she has no romantic relationships in real life. Bay is addicted to an online computer game in which she is married to a top character under the nickname «Naihe Smile». This character is controlled by a young guy named Xiao Naihe.

Wei Wei does not know who is behind her online husband’s avatar. «Naihe’s Smile», on the other hand, is aware of who Bei is in real life. Xiao Nai is in love with the programmer, which is why he proposed a virtual wedding to her.

The main characters attend the same university and soon meet in real life. Wei Wei learns that Xiao Nai is very successful not only in the online game. As a result, a mutual sympathy arises between the young people.

Soon Wei Wei and Xiao Nai start to develop a new online game together. The viewer watches not only the love drama, but also the path of online game developers — from learning to program to million-dollar sales.

The dorama was filmed by Chinese director Lam Yuk Fan. The performers of the main roles are listed in the table:

Character Actor/actress
Bei Wei Wei Guan Xin
Xiao Nai Bai Yun

The series premiered in 2016. It was limited to one season, which included 30 episodes.

Weiwei's Beautiful Smile
Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile
Forever Love
Forever Love

#10: «Forever Love» (2020)

Xia Linxi is an excellent model student, Jiang Zhenhan is an irresponsible guy but a talented programmer. In high school, they fall in love with each other and go from school uniforms to wedding suits. Linxi and Zhenhan believe that they will manage to always be together no matter what.

The series shows how love and mutual support affect professional and personal growth. Xia and Jiang teach the viewer to stay true to their feelings after years.

The Chinese dorama was directed by Wen Deguang. It premiered in 2020 on Tencent Video. The role of Jiang Zhenhan was played by Wang An Yu, Xia Lingxi was played by Julia Xiang.

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It is the Japanese version of the word «drama». In many Asian countries, it is the name given to movies and TV series, regardless of genre.
Yes, computer games competitions are considered an official sport in most countries of the world. Therefore, bookmakers are allowed to accept bets on them.

Top most popular streaming platforms for 2023:

  • Twitch.
  • YouTube.
  • Steam TV.
Cinema and cybersports have been closely intertwined since the creation of video games. The USA, UK and other countries of the world actively shoot dramas, comedies, adventures, action movies, documentaries and other pictures about computer competitions. This article collects the best movies about cybersport and online games. Popular TV series about the virtual world also made it to our top. Their plots are considered (without spoilers) and interesting facts about filming are given.

Popular movies about cybersports

The top ten feature and documentary stories made it to the list of the best. The main criteria for adding pictures to the top was the presence of quality voice-overs, good audience reviews and high ratings on dedicated movie sites. Well, let’s get started!

#1: «The Wizard» (1989)

American teenagers Jimmy, Haley and Cory go on a trip from Utah to California. On the way, the protagonists come across a slot machine with the arcade game Super Mario Bros. 3. Virtual adventures of the Mario brothers are conquered by Jimmy, and so successfully that upon arrival in Los Angeles, the company of friends decides to participate in a cyber sports tournament for money.

The movie was filmed in 1989 on the wave of popularity of the video game Super Mario Bros. 3. Director Todd Holland was one of the first movies to show what the cybersports industry looks like from the inside — training, matches in front of the audience on a big stage and so on. The performers of the main roles are listed in the table.

Character Actor/actress
Jimmy Luke Edwards
Haley Wendy Phillips
Cory Vince Trankina
The Wizard
The Wizard
More than a Game
More than a Game

#2: «More than a Game» (2008)

This is a documentary about the World Cyber Games World Championship in 2007. At that time, the World Cyber Games was hosted by the American city of Seattle, and one of the leading disciplines was the strategy WarCraft III. The main characters of the movie are Sky and Grubby. They are warcrafters from China and the Netherlands, who in the future became great cyber sportsmen.

However, in 2007, few people thought about the professional career of a gamer. Players of that time were far away from the salary and popularity of modern «computer» athletes. Video games did not figure in Sky and Grubby’s long-term life goals, but that changed over time.

Paralleling Sky and Grubby’s path to fame, director Jos de Pütter showed how cybersports evolved when its main genre wasn’t MOBAs. Along with WarCraft III, Counter-Strike was the central game of the movie.

#3: «FRAG» (2018)

This is a documentary work by Mike Pasley. Here the Canadian filmmaker touched on the following topics:

  1. What is the phenomenon of the popularity of cybersports.
  2. Where did all kinds of teams and leagues come from.
  3. How tournaments are organized and who gives money for prize funds.

The picture was released in 2008. Its authors visited many American cybersports championships of that time, talking to ordinary fans, video game developers and professional gamers. Among the latter are Fatal1ty, Slasher, and Carmac.

The main goal of the movie «FRAG» is to show the downside of a professional gamer’s career, namely how difficulties in dealing with parents, lack of time to study and bad habits hinder its construction. It is not only a documentary story, but also a drama about the big difficulties of young guys.

The history of one tournament
The history of one tournament

#4: «The history of one tournament» (2012)

This is a documentary story about The International — the world championship of Dota 2. It mentions the times of the first Dota, but in the center of the story is the release of the legendary sequel and the record-breaking prize pool of TI. Also in the movie real cyber sportsmen tell about how they first played Dota 2 and how this MOBA gained its authority and popularity.

Here we can also mention the movie The International 2012 about the tournament of the same name. It’s a work of Valve, which shows how gamers were preparing and worried before the second ever Dota 2 World Championship.

#5: «Road to Worlds» (2014)

In this documentary, the company Riot Games talked about its main brainchild — MOBA game League of Legends. The movie was released in three parts. The first one covers the competitive history of LoL, in particular the World Championship. The second — familiarizes professional players, their paths to great victories. The third is about the 2014 World Cup finals.

Road to Worlds
Road to Worlds

#6: «Tetris» (2023)

It’s 1988. American businessman Hank Rogers visits a video game exhibition, where he notices «Tetris». This is a puzzle game developed by Soviet programmer Alexei Pazhitnov.

The protagonist goes to Moscow to buy the rights to distribute the game. His goal is to sell «Tetris» to the Japanese company Nintendo. This movie is based on real events. It shows how an aspiring entrepreneur from the United States broke into the competitive business and made «Tetris» one of the most popular puzzle games in the history of video games.

«Tetris» is among the top most recent cybersports movies and TV series. It premiered in 2023. The role of Hank Rogers was played by the star of the TV series «Blackbird», Theron Edgerton.

#7: «Hero Mode» (2021)

Kate is the head of a video game company. Soon the main character’s company will have to take part in a major exhibition of future technologies. Thirty days before the start of the prestigious event, Kate’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The only reliable businesswoman remains her son Troy. This is a teenager with an incredible talent for programming. The young boy undertakes to create a new video game that will save his mother’s company. However, on Troy’s way there are not only strict time limits, but also detractors who want to see Kate fail.

«Hero Mode» is a family adventure with elements of comedy, despite the seemingly serious drama of the plot. The premiere of the picture took place in 2021.

Hero Mode
Hero Mode
Free Guy
Free Guy

#8: «Free Guy» (2021)

The main character of the movie is a young guy named Guy. Every morning he wakes up, drinks coffee and goes to work in a bank called Bank. There he has a friend named Buddy, who works as a security guard. The actions of the movie take place in a city (called The City).

The guy is almost completely happy and satisfied with his life. He is not confused by the fact that the Bank is robbed several times a day, the City looks like a war zone, and passers-by say the same phrases. For full happiness, the main character lacks a girlfriend.

One day Guy meets a beautiful woman who reveals to him the truth about the City. It turns out that it is a map in the game, and the Guy himself is a minor character. However, he is not satisfied with the role of an ordinary NPC. He is going to turn the computer world upside down and become the main hero.

The premiere of the picture took place in 2021. The role of the guy was performed by Ryan Reynolds, better known to a wide audience as «Deadpool».

#9: «Nerve» (2016)

This is a movie about a cybersports guy Ian and a modest girl Vee. The latter dreams of going to university, but she has no money to pay for tuition. Her classmates persuade Vee to register in the online game «Nerve». Its participants receive risky tasks, the successful completion of which is generously paid by anonymous observers. The protagonist agrees and thus gets acquainted with Ian.

The young couple is liked by the audience. Anonymous sponsors decide that for the further passage of the game Ian and Vee must act together. Over time, the stakes grow and the protagonists realize that they are being forced to undergo increasingly difficult tasks. In addition, the couple discovers that they will not be able to leave «Nerve» on their own.


#10: «Noobees» (2018)

Sylvia is a young basketball player and the daughter of a former professional gamer who left cybersport after a close friend went missing. The main character is not interested in video games, which is not the case with her younger brother. A guy named Eric dreams of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a professional gamer.

One day Sylvia’s interest in cyber sports awakens. She learns that after her father’s departure from the professional scene, another gamer became its main star. Moreover, now this man trains a team that will confront Eric at a major tournament.

Brother and sister unite in a team, wanting to please their father with a victory over his principal rival. Sylvia is an ambitious and determined girl, but these qualities are not enough for major cybersport triumphs. The tournament is very soon, and the protagonist is just beginning to learn how to play on the computer.

«Noobees» is a 2018 TV series filmed in Colombia. It consists of two seasons, combining drama with elements of comedy. Even though this is a 2 season series and not a movie, we still decided to add it to the end of our review. Without it, we feel our list isn’t as complete.

If you want to learn more about cybersport series (not movies), check out our latest article on this trendy topic.

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In 2023, neural networks have become very popular. Now they are even used in traffic arbitrage. But there is a problem that worries many moneymakers — the deterioration of the scrolling of advertisements and the decline in the positions of lendings with AI-content. In this article, we will look in detail at the process of creating AI content, the principle of AI-detectors and methods of bypassing them.

Neural networks

What is AI content in simple terms

The term “AI-content” comes from the English AI — Artificial Intelligence. The term “AI content” means texts, pictures, gifs and videos that are created online with the help of neural networks — artificial intelligence. In 2023, content of the considered nature became in demand due to the popularization of powerful neural networks. It is used for different purposes: from copywriting to scientific research papers. Of course, AI content has also found application in traffic arbitrage.
AI content

Why arbitrageurs use AI content: what are the benefits?

If you are engaged in full-time traffic arbitrage, you need to create new ad creatives on a regular basis. Creating them and other content manually requires a lot of time and skills. To develop even a simple ad, you need several hours and skills in commercial copywriting and graphic design. And, in addition to basic design theory, you will also need professional knowledge of at least one graphic editor — for example, Photoshop.

Of course, the use of specific skills and software depends on the objectives. In some cases, it is enough to write a catchy headline and take a stock image from the Internet. But still, to get a high conversion rate, you almost always need professional skills in content creation. It takes a long time and is difficult to develop them. And arbitrageurs already perform dozens of tasks every day.

However, it is possible to optimize time costs and automate the development of high-quality advertising content. For this purpose, arbitrageurs use neural networks.


How to independently create content using neural networks

Generating AI content is not difficult. Using artificial intelligence comes down to writing detailed prompts — queries (requests). Of course, to do this, you need to know how to use special commands and their parameters. But the developers of each AI provide users with detailed instructions on existing functions.

Using Midjourney neural network as an example, AI content creation is performed in 2 main stages. First you need to register and subscribe:

  1. Go to the official Midjourney website;
  2. Click the “Sign In” button in the bottom right corner of the homepage;
  3. Enter the email address or phone number that is linked to your existing Discord account;
  4. Enter your Discord account password. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one. To do this, in the current window you will need to click on the “Register” link;
  5. Click the “Login” button;
  6. Click the “Authorize” button in the opened window;
  7. Authorize the email or phone number for the Discord account if the neural network asks for it;
  8. Download the Discord app to your computer and log into your account;
  9. Return to the Midjourney website;
  10. Buy a subscription on the automatically loaded page.

What you should do next:

  1. Return to Discord on PC;
  2. Click the “Add Server” button in the bottom left corner of the interface;
  3. Click the “Join Server” button;
  4. Enter the link to the Midjourney server;
  5. Click “Join Server”;
  6. Pass the captcha.

The second step is directly creating the AI content itself. First, you need to select any Discord room on the AI server. Then you need to enter the command “/imagine” and assign a request to it with the help of variables in English. The main variables are:

  • Task. Does not have a designator variable. The task is simply written at the very beginning of the request — right after the word “prompt”. The parameter defines what exactly the artificial intelligence will generate. If you specify the task, for example, “a cat with troll ears”, the neural network will generate a picture of a cat with troll ears;
  • Aspect ratio. It is denoted by the variable “–aspect” or “–ar”. The parameter specifies the aspect ratio of the future image, for example, 2:1. You can specify any ratio;
  • Entropy. It is denoted by the variable “–chaos”. Entropy has a parameter “number”. It specifies an integer from 0 to 100. The value affects how diverse the results of the neural network will be. The higher the number in the parameter, the more unusual will be the results;
  • Negation. It is denoted by the variable “–no”. The negation parameter can be almost any word, for example, “plants”. If you specify it, the neural network will generate images without plants. The negation in the prompt makes it so that the artificial intelligence does not use any objects when generating pictures;
  • Rendering quality. Denoted by the variable “–quality” or “–q”. The variable specifies the duration of rendering of the future image. The value can be integer or fractional to hundredths, i.e. 1 or .25. The longer the time, the higher will be the quality of the final image;
  • Seed. It is denoted by the variable “–seed”. Seed has an integer parameter. It specifies values from 0 to 4,294,967,295. With seed, Midjourney creates a visual noise field and uses it as a starting point to generate a network of the future image when no other visual input is available;
  • Stop. Denoted by the variable “–stop”. Stop has an integer parameter. It specifies numbers from 10 to 100. The stop function in the query instructs the neural network to terminate before the image generation is finished. This can be used to generate more blurry and less detailed images.

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How to compose a correct prompt

The quality of queries determines the results of neural networks. Therefore, in order to get specific AI content, it is necessary to compose prompts correctly. Queries should meet 2 main criteria:

  1. High precision of the task at hand. Concreteness is an indispensable tool for obtaining the necessary AI content. The more precisely the query reflects the task, the closer the future result will be to the desired one. Example: “a white cat” is bad, “a white cat with a black spot on its right ear is lying on the floor” is pretty good;
  2. Short length. There is a popular saying: brevity is the sister of talent. When working with neural networks, you should definitely follow it. You should not confuse AI with long formulations. It is necessary to concretize requests while keeping them brief. Then the results of processing prompts will be much better.

It’s also important to remember the appropriateness of using certain variables in queries. First, you should only use them if the default values are not suitable for the task at hand. Secondly, variables should not conflict with each other. Some neural networks have variables that are very similar. If you specify them together, the results will be unpredictable.

AI content

Here’s a quick checklist for drafting a quality prompt from scratch:

  • Visualize the future outcome and clearly set the goal;
  • Examine existing teams and variables. A fundamental understanding of what they do is required;
  • Select only those teams and variables that may be needed for the task;
  • Compose a query. It should be short and clearly convey to the artificial intelligence the essence of the task. This is the only way to get the desired result.

Let’s look at some sample requests to Midjourney. The first prompt is “/imagine prompt a white cat with a black spot on its right ear lying on the floor –aspect 16:9 –no carpets” –stop 95>. At this prompt, the artificial intelligence should generate a 16:9 aspect ratio picture that shows a white cat with a black spot on its right ear lying on the floor and no carpets. Midjourney only has to complete 95% of the work. The rest of the variables will be used with default settings.

The second prompt is “/imagine prompt a robot sitting at a computer desk –no keyboards –seed 672154”. According to this request, the neural network should create an image of a robot sitting at a computer desk and no keyboard. In doing so, the AI will use seed 672154. The other variables will be with default parameters.

The third prompt is “/imagine prompt a man with a hat”. At this prompt, the neural network will create a picture of a man with a hat. All variables will be used with default parameters.


Top 5 neural networks for traffic arbitrage

As of January 2024, there are hundreds of artificial intelligences that somehow prove useful in internet marketing. But most of them are not suitable for regular usage. Therefore, our editorial team has gathered the top-5 most useful neural networks for traffic arbitrage. So let’s quickly check them out!

Name Purpose of AI Brief description of the neural network
chatgpt Text generation The language model generates text materials of any nature at the request of users. Arbitrageurs use ChatGPT to generate headlines, descriptions, unique selling propositions and much more.
midjourney Image generation The neural network efficiently processes user prompts to generate images. The AI also works with existing images: redrawing, adapting, changing styles, and so on. Internet marketers use Midjourney to create unique creos.
daydrm Advertising Idea Generation Artificial intelligence develops promotional strategies and creative ideas for them. Upon request, the neural network provides users with briefs and concepts based on a well-trained language model. Arbitrageurs use Daydrm to develop detailed videos, ad campaigns in various networks and more.
Steve AI Creating unique animated video creatives Neural network generates professional videos based on detailed requests. Artificial intelligence has a customizable video editor and a lot of other useful features. Moneymakers use Steve AI to convert text, blogs and audio into unique video creatives.
dubdub Dubbing of ready-made texts Artificial intelligence converts textual content into human speech. The neural network supports more than 300 voices and more than 30 languages with different accents. The voices are represented by categories. Among them there are groups of voices for marketing and advertising. Arbitrageurs use DupDub for voicing video creatives and other related purposes.

How AI content detectors work

Detectors that can detect AI content are also artificial intelligences. In most cases, developers train them using materials created by humans. During the training process, AI content detector engines analyze tens of millions of materials. This is the only way developers can achieve high accuracy of AI content detectors. If the detectors are trained on materials from artificial intelligence, their accuracy will be below 70%. When detectors receive requests to check content, they compare the available data with the input information. By performing deep analysis, the detectors detect patterned results from artificial intelligence. Due to this approach, the accuracy of the detectors is further improved. The performance of the detectors is pretty high. For example, the accuracy of Copyleaks AI is 99.1%. Unedited materials created by neural networks almost never pass the verification process.
AI content detectors

Why ad networks don’t approve AI content

At the end of 2023, many neural networks are trained so well that they can create quality content for most queries. But there’s a catch. For example, when generating texts, artificial intelligences do not take into account all the interests of readers. Therefore, the materials are hardly useful for Internet users, which worsens behavioral factors. For search engines, this is a red flag. As a result, they lower the position of pages with AI content in the output.

The same logic is used by advertising networks. Unedited AI content in advertising attracts fewer users than high-quality materials created by specialists. At the same time, behavioral factors are also worse. As a result, the profit of ad networks is decreasing. But platforms are not ready to lose profit. That’s why some platforms are against AI content.

Do networks ban for using content from neural networks?

As of the beginning of January 2024, no advertising platform blocks arbitrageurs’ accounts for using AI-generated content. At the same time, all networks allow neural network-generated content to be shown. But then what is the problem?

There is talk on the Internet that search engines and advertising platforms will eventually begin to introduce algorithms to reduce the quality of AI content ranking. If search engines and networks do start integrating such algorithms, moneymakers will no longer be able to effectively utilize generated content in its original form.

Also, by December 2023, arbitrageurs have already experienced refusals to connect sites to the Google AdSense. Of course, with insignificant filling of the landing page with generated materials there are no problems yet. But if at least a third of the site is made up of AI content, the probability of rejection becomes high.


How to bypass AI content detectors

The only thing required is to humanize the materials. The task can be solved by using the most detailed prompts. Then you won’t need to edit the received materials manually. But it is important to remember: queries should still remain short.

However, the considered method does not always work. In most cases, you still have to edit materials manually. For example, if we are talking about AI texts, the following is needed to humanize them:

Reorganize sentences. By default, neural networks generate texts from sentences of approximately the same length. They need to be edited: add more information, shorten some sentences, and lengthen others. The text should look varied. Break the materials into logical blocks. Neural networks create texts with continuous “sheets”, unless otherwise specified in the prompts. Therefore, the received materials should be divided intoblocks: headings, subheadings, lists, tables, and so on.

After these 2 points are fulfilled, texts become more human and have a better chance to pass detector checks. But you should keep in mind that programs sometimes still detect slight AI “interference” in materials. This means that the texts are not humanized enough. Then you need to do both items on the list again — work on the materials more thoroughly.



As of January 2024, the use of AI content in advertising is legal. Networks don’t ban arbitrageurs for it. Also, the ranking of content from neural networks is still on par with the ranking of human content. The current problem is only that some money makers expect the ranking of AI content to deteriorate in search engines and ad networks in the future.

Special detectors are used to identify content that is generated by language models. They are very accurate in identifying AI materials. But if you humanize the generated content, it will pass the detector’s check. But it is better to humanize the material manually. Then the probability of passing the check will be higher.

Step into the captivating fusion of chance and crypto excitement as we explore the enchanting universe of Plinko game in the realm of crypto casinos. Discover how the unpredictable allure of Plinko takes on a new dimension, seamlessly blending with the modern landscape of cryptocurrency-based gaming for an unparalleled and thrilling experience. Let’s just get this topic!

Plinko XY

About Plinko

Plinko stands as one of the most favored pricing games in the iGaming landscape. Its first manifestation was in the form of a television show called The Price is Right. The first episode of the television show took place on January 3, 1983. Even then she created a real sensation. It brought generous winnings to the participants, so the largest prize fund for the entire existence of the TV show reached 25,000 USD.

However, the online version of the Plinko machine slot achieved higher numbers. This was another reason for the popularity of the slot machine. Today players can win up to 262,743 USD. Additionally, other gifts and prizes can be obtained during gameplay. As a television show, the hosts asked participants to return the chips after making a bet. A total of 10 types of chips are offered, which are copies of each other. This fact provides participants with fairness and transparency of the gaming process.

Each participant has identical chances and it is impossible to predict who will be the winner with one hundred percent probability. The advantage of playing Plinko arcade game in a modern format is that those who wish do not need to wait in line and hope that the presenters will choose you. Gamers can enjoy the Plinko slot gameplay at preferable crypto casinos any time. The slot is available online today. All the gambler needs is to find a suitable online casino and place a bet.


Game modes

Plinko game for money offers gamers to choose from the following modes:

  • 1st simple. It consists of 8 rows and the risk level is low. The minimum win is x0.5, and the maximum is x5.6.
  • 2nd simple. A round consists of 16 rows. The minimum winning size in this case is x0.5, and the maximum is x16.
  • 1st average. In this case, players are invited to play on 8 rows with an average difficulty level. The minimum winning size is x0.4, and the maximum is x13.
  • 2nd average. The round involves 16 rows, and the gameplay is accompanied by an average level of risk. The minimum payout in this mode is x0.3, and the maximum is x110.
  • 1st difficult. The mode assumes 8 nearby, the risk level is high. The minimum payout here is assumed to be x0.2 of the bet, and the maximum is x29.
  • 2nd difficult. This round involves 16 rows and a high level of risk. The minimum payout here is x0.2, and the maximum is x1000.

The Plinko slot offers different levels of gameplay. Players can decide for themselves how much money they want to risk:

Number of rows Rewards in a low risk game Rewards in a medium risk game Rewards in a high risk
8 0.5x-5.6x 0.4x-13x 0.2x-29x
9 0.7x-5.6x 0.5x-18x 0.2x-43x
10 0.5x-8.9x 0.4x-22x 0.2x-76x
11 0.7x-8.4x 0.5x-24x 0.2x-120x
12 0.5x-10x 0.3x-33x 0.2x-170x
13 0.7x-8.1x 0.4x-43x 0.2x-260x
14 0.5x-7.1x 0.2x-58x 0.2x-420x
15 0.7x-15x 0.3x-88x 0.2x-620x
16 0.5x-16x 0.3x-110x 0.2x-1,000x

How to start playing Plinko for real money

I personally decided to understand the features of launching the Plinko slot machine. And I want to note that it is very simple. Plinko game for money looks like this:

  1. Select a suitable reliable crypto casino, go through the registration procedure and top up your game balance.
  2. In the search bar of the game library, enter the name of the slot and click on it. Then we select the gameplay mode.
  3. Select the Plinko game level, since there are only six of them with different risks, you need to decide.
  4. Select the ball launch mode. The Plinko adventure has two modes – manual and automatic.
  5. We indicate the bet size for each round. To do this, click on the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the bet.
  6. Start the round by clicking on the “Play” button. This action will launch the ball and it will begin to fall to a certain odds.

Plinko arcade game for money can bring real winnings, but gamers risk personal funds, since the results of the gameplay are impossible to predict.

The maximum winnings that the crazy Plinko slot can bring will be 1000 times your bet. However, such a coefficient occurs only in one round – the very last one with the maximum level of risk. Gamers decide for themselves whether they want to take such risks. This multiplier appears very rarely, so the chances of getting exactly the x1000 multiplier are very low.


First deposit bonus – 180%; On the second – 240%; On the third – 300%; On the fourth – 360%.

Welcome bonus on the 1st deposit 100% match bonus up to €250 + 100 FS.The minimum deposit is 20 EUR/USD/USDT.

First deposit bonus – 100% (up to 1000 USD) + 100 FS (code: BK 1); On the second – 75% (up to 1000 USD) + 75 FS (code: BK 2); On the third – 50% (up to 1000 USD) + 50 FS (code: BK 3).


Strategy recommendations

Here are some tips on strategy and tactics how to win at Plinko:

  • Probability distribution: realize that each slot has a certain probability of chips falling. In general, chips are more likely to fall into slots closer to the center of the playing field, due to the laws of probability and the random movement of chips.
  • Choice of starting position: choosing the starting position of your chips in order to maximize your chances of winning. This usually means choosing the middle point at the top of the table, but this can change depending on the specific location of the prize slots.
  • Observe and adapt: pay attention to how the chips fall as you play and adapt your strategy if you find any predictable patterns or patterns. Sometimes the chips may move the same way because of imperfections in the board or its shape.
  • Randomness: recognize that arkadium Plinko is just an another popular game of chance and that you should not rely on any particular tactic or strategy. Your goal should be to maximize your chances of winning, but ultimately the outcome depends on chance.
  • Enjoy the game: Don’t forget that the main purpose of the game is to have fun. Enjoy the game and don’t take the results too seriously.

Just give a try

Anyways, there’s no best winning Plinko strategy. And if you doubt if is Plinko legit — there’s no question in it. With its widespread popularity and inclusion in reputable game shows, Plinko has earned its place as a legitimate and engaging form of entertainment. So embark on an exhilarating journey that seamlessly blends classic entertainment with cutting-edge technology! Delve into the immersive world of Plinko from our licensed crypto casinos list, where the familiar joy of The Price is Right’s beloved game takes on a new and innovative form. Plinko enthusiasts can now enjoy this timeless experience with a modern twist, all within the realm of cryptocurrencies.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of releasing chips down the dynamic zigzagging board, eagerly anticipating the landing slot that holds the promise of points or prizes. Our crypto casinos elevates the Plinko adventure by prioritizing transparency and trust, ensuring a fair and delightful experience for every player. Explore the perfect synergy of traditional amusement and the contemporary allure of cryptocurrencies. Join us in this distinctive venture, where the enchantment of Plinko machine converges with the exhilaration of the crypto casino – a harmonious blend of timeless fun and innovative excitement!



Plinko is a cherished game from The Price is Right, an iconic American TV show. The objective of the game is to release chips from the top of a vertical board adorned with zigzag pins, guiding them through slots at the bottom. The rewards, be they points or prizes, differ depending on the particular slot where a chip finds its place.
Choose the starting position of your token to maximize your chances of winning. This usually means selecting the center point at the top of the playing field, but this can vary depending on the specific location of the prize slots.
Plinko is a game of chance, where the result hinges on luck. While employing strategies like selecting an optimal starting position and observing and adapting to chip movements can be applied, the ultimate outcome of the game is dictated by chance.
Chips are more likely to fall into the center slots due to the laws of probability and random chip movement. As the chips move around the board, they find pins and the probability of them hitting the center slots increases.
The main purpose of playing Plinko is to have fun. Although certain strategies can be used to increase the chances of winning, it is important to remember that the outcome of the game is determined randomly, and the most important thing is to enjoy the process.

For more than 10 years, cryptocurrencies have been closely interacting with online gambling, bringing innovations to the industry thanks to the development of blockchain technology. One significant innovation is non-fungible tokens, or NFT (non-fungible token).

The exceptional impact of NFT tokens on online casinos can be seen in the increase in the number of customers through NFT-based loyalty programs and other player benefits. Let’s try to envision how the future will interact with online gambling and NFT technology.


Briefly about NFT

NFT stands for non-fungible token, indicating a unique and non-interchangeable digital asset on the blockchain.

Indeed, each NFT carries a distinct identity, symbolizing irreplaceable digital assets.


NFT and gambling — where and how is it applied?

NFTs are already having a profound impact on the gambling industry, and these changes will be visible for many years to come. Let’s take a look at how these tokens are currently being applied.

NFTs as winning prizes

The advent of NFTs has significantly changed the structure of online casinos by introducing new approaches to gameplay. Developers started creating games that utilize unique NFTs instead of traditional cash prizes. Gamblers can now win NFTs in slots, as well as in table, card and other games, and then exchange them for real money. An example of this approach is the NFT MegawaysTM video slot from Red Tiger, which offers unique Crypto Punks characters as winnings.

Enter NFTs, offering players tangible ownership of in-game assets, such as characters, transcending the confines of a single game.

NFT as a reward for loyalty

VIP programs at most online casinos offer rewards for active and big players. Instead of traditional bonuses such as free spins or extra money to the account, NFTs have revolutionized this approach. Players can now receive unique tokens that can later be exchanged or sold. Programs usually include several levels, and the higher the level, the more valuable NFTs a player will receive.

In addition, NFTs can act as tickets for special tournaments, contests and provide additional discounts. BC Game recently launched a unique NFT network called Degen Pass.

NFT as a guarantee of anonymity and safety of players

With the use of cryptocurrencies and NFT, players have new means to secure their identity and data at online casinos. In particular, NFTs can be used as avatars, giving players the ability to keep their personal information private.


NFT and online casinos in meta-universes

Metavillages, accessible using VR helmets, are digital worlds where reality can be reimagined. In these virtual spaces, users can not only buy virtual real estate and interact with each other, but also visit virtual casinos where digital assets such as NFTs are used to participate in games.

In the meta universe, you can place bets using NFTs or even purchase an entire casino to set up your own business. However, since NFTs are a method of monetizing digital assets in meta universes, this can cause some problems.


Consider this: Flamingo Casino Club, an early entrant in metaventures, faced legal repercussions with cease-and-desist directives from five U.S. states.

Despite the limitless possibilities of NFTs in the meta-universe of gambling, they face legal hurdles. How such casinos will be regulated and monitored remains an open question. The use of NFT for anonymous betting may lose its meaning if licensed establishments continue to require players to verify their identity.

Developing a legal framework for the use of NFTs in the online gambling industry could create the conditions for safe and legal interactions with digital assets.



The permanence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the gambling landscape signifies a substantial shift, promising transformative changes that extend beyond our current imaginations. It’s an exciting time as NFTs continue to reshape the very foundations of how we approach and experience gambling.

The incredible potential of NFTs comes for the next reasons:

  • The uniqueness of NFTs adds a refreshing twist to the gambling scene, departing from the uniformity of traditional bets. With NFTs, each token carries its distinct identity, making every transaction a unique experience. It’s a game-changer, allowing you to seamlessly blend the thrill of betting with the individuality that NFTs bring to the table. The fusion of chips and cash in your betting arsenal — now that’s a winning combo!
  • Indeed, the trust embedded in NFTs is a game-changer. The transparent ownership tracking on the blockchain ensures that whoever claims ownership can be verified. In the realm of online casinos, this trust mechanism offers a unique advantage. Casinos can leverage this to create a more secure and regulated environment. It’s a breakthrough, combining the benefits of anonymity with a blockchain-backed layer of trust.
  • NFTs bring a personal touch to the gambling experience. As the younger generation, Gen Z, becomes a significant player in the gambling world, catering to their preferences is crucial. The trend of personalization in marketing and services is on the rise, and NFTs open up exciting possibilities. From customizable wearables to exclusive VIP membership cards, the personalization options with NFTs are diverse. This not only enhances the gaming experience but also aligns with the evolving expectations of players.

Indeed, the rise of NFTs has coincided with the surge in popularity of play-to-earn (P2E) games like Axie Infinity and Crypto Kitties. The principles of GameFi, where players can earn real value through in-game activities, have captured the attention of the gaming community. It’s inevitable that iGaming providers will leverage these GameFi concepts to inject more thrill into the gambling experience.

The unique properties of NFTs, such as verifiable ownership and traceability on the blockchain, can contribute to a more trustworthy and secure gambling environment.The ongoing evolution promises a future where NFTs play a pivotal role in shaping a more dynamic, transparent, and rewarding gambling industry.

Mass cyberattacks are becoming a typical phenomenon for the cryptocurrency community, which causes serious concerns for investors. It is noteworthy that the activities of hackers cause not only financial losses, but also undermine the trust of users. Over the past year, the total capitalization of the global cryptocurrency market reached $2.4 trillion. In parallel, subject matter experts identified 306 incidents in 2022 (26% more compared to 2021) related to cybersecurity segment Web 3.0. Against their background, the total losses of community members exceeded $10 billion.

In the segments of cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, DeFi and NFT last year there were 136 cyberattacks, resulting in user losses of more than $4 billion. The main types of attacks were: asset theft, vulnerability search, compromise of secret keys and phishing. It is worth noting that some cryptocurrency exchanges hid the hacks for months and even years, which undermined the trust of many users.

More than 40 major platforms have closed over the past 3 years after high-profile exploits. The hacks themselves were often accompanied by the theft of investment funds and it became a common phenomenon. It is noteworthy that on September 12, CoinEx was also subjected to a massive hacker attack. On its background, the criminals managed to steal about $70 million. Exchange specialists reacted promptly. On the same day, the possibility of withdrawing funds was suspended, and the assets were transferred to cold storage. Within the next 48 hours, coordination with peer-to-peer platforms was carried out to freeze the linked funds.


Already on September 14, the exchange released an official statement in which it was confirmed that the main reason for the hack was the compromise of the hot wallet key.

Throughout the process, CoinEx promptly distributed updates via social media, community platforms, and website announcements, keeping users informed every step of the way. The platform eventually overhauled its wallet deployment mechanisms and resumed the ability to withdraw funds.

Compliance with cybersecurity standards requires collective prudence, as the crypto industry still lacks a clear regulatory system compared to the traditional finance sector. Notably, exchanges looking to scale face obstacles in the form of hacker activity and a global bear market trend.

CoinEx’s reliability, transparency, and accountability has clearly demonstrated to other crypto projects how to proceed should they encounter such incidents. The crypto industry is facing clear challenges, against which exchanges need to develop the appropriate qualities to cope with all the trials.

First deposit bonus – 180%; On the second – 240%; On the third – 300%; On the fourth – 360%.

Welcome bonus on the 1st deposit 100% match bonus up to €250 + 100 FS.The minimum deposit is 20 EUR/USD/USDT.

First deposit bonus – 100% (up to 1000 USD) + 100 FS (code: BK 1); On the second – 75% (up to 1000 USD) + 75 FS (code: BK 2); On the third – 50% (up to 1000 USD) + 50 FS (code: BK 3).


Hackers stole $2 billion less in 2023

The total amount of money lost to hacker attacks has decreased three times compared to last year. There has been a significant drop in the total amount of funds stolen by hackers from cyberattacks over the past year. According to DefiLlama, there were 75 incidents in 2023 with a total loot of $1 billion. This figure is significantly lower than the previous year, when attackers managed to steal $3.2 billion from 60 attacks. The trend now is toward more frequent, albeit smaller, hacks.

Interestingly, only 11 out of 75 attacks this year have stolen more than $10 million, indicating that hackers prefer smaller but more frequent attacks. This approach, experts say, allows them to remain stealthy and avoid excessive media attention.

Eric Jardine of Chainalysis emphasizes that it is important to remember the unpredictability of hacker attacks. Even if the total volume of production decreases this year, there is a risk of the situation changing due to one or two major incidents.

Experts also note that the decrease in stolen funds is primarily due to market factors, rather than hackers abandoning cryptocurrencies. The volatility of crypto asset prices plays an important role here.

Nevertheless, the crypto market has already been repeatedly criticized due to various incidents. It allows criminals to launder money and even fund illegal programs. Cybersecurity experts warn that the increase in small crimes could be a precursor to larger attacks in the future.

Jake Moore, global cybersecurity advisor at ESET, notes that cryptocurrency storage platforms, although they function like banks, do not guarantee a high level of protection. This is why they are becoming increasingly attractive to hackers.

According to Beosin, damage from hacks, phishing attacks and rag pools in Web3 approached $900 million in the last three months. That’s up from the first half of the year.

Despite the increase in total losses, the number of fraudsters has decreased, according to their data.