Crosshairs for Half-Life – Page 1

Click the pic to download

Lee ‘Foxtrot9’ Raven

Created by Litho – download all 8 as (FLF)

Rename the one you want to use to crosshairs.spr. The game will use a single crosshair for all weapons.

litho3a litho3b litho3c litho3d litho3e litho3f

Created by Takeout – (FLF)

Rename the one you like to crosshairs.spr

takeout2a takeout2b takeout2c takeout2d takeout2e takeout2f takeout2g

More single crosshairs by Takeout (FLF)

click a pic to download or get all 12 as Rename to crosshairs.spr

click the pic to d/l
click the pic to d/l
click the pic to d/l
click the pic to d/l
click the pic to d/l
click the pic to d/l
Created by Freakonaleash
Created by Marc
Created by Brian Tabar

Created by [P]Stalker (FLF) For use in Team Fortress Classic Each weapon will now have it’s own crosshair, but you’ll need the new weapon text files to make it work. Download both hairs below along with the weapons text files as (don’t use the weapon text files with FLF)

stalker1 stalker2
Created by Goliath For use in Team Fortress Classic
Created by Goliath For use in Team Fortress Classic
Created by M Jesperson Check this one out!

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