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PAGE 5Team Fortress 2 and Unreal Tournament 3 Demo.

Just the beginnings for now. A few replacements hairs for TF2 and a way to change the crosshair color in UT3.


New Crosshairs for Quake 3. 9 nice designs by Brittney Jade. On the bottom of PAGE 5 in the Quake 3 section.Q



I have been so absorbed playing the game for the past year, I haven’t even thought about the crosshair, and how it might be lacking for some. But others in the player community have been busy creating alternatives.So if you want to get rid of the crosshair (without losing the other ID icons), wish it were just a little smaller, or want a new design and new color – HERE they are.


Fans of the original Quake who have been out of the loop for a while, like myself, may be surprised to know there is still a very active community out there. It’s mainly in Europe and South America, but there is activity in the US also.Much of this activity centers around the EZ Quake Quakeworld mod. And the reason I mention it here is because it has a very easy way to add custom crosshairs. Check it out HERE.

The crosshair. A simple idea.

Two lines overlapping in an X or a cross shape, a dot, a circle or just about anything that marks a target or the center of the screen. You would think that a few designs would suffice for everyone. But the over 500 crosshairs and sets of hairs at this site created by various players around the world say that even a slight design change might help someone’s aim. And in the world of first person shooters with players of different connection speeds and system capabilities battling it out, a quarter of a second in response time can make the difference between getting a frag or being one.

There are those who play with no crosshair at all, but for those who do, variations in shape, size, and color can make a real difference. People’s eyes and brains react in different ways to different images. Add to that the various resolutions and gaming environments, and you have a need for more choices. And of course if you like to play the sniper, it’s almost a necessity.

No matter how cool a design looks on these pages, you won’t know for sure how well it will work for you until you play with it. And I don’t mean in single player. Get into an online deathmatch to test it out under some real pressure. Does it ever block your view? Do you lose sight of it in the heat of battle? They are all small files and quick downloads, so try as many as you need until you find the one that feels right.

If you encounter any errors on this site or have any difficulty in downloading, please don’t hesitate to and let me know. With almost 600 files to manage, I misplace one now and then. And I’ll be happy to e-mail you something if the server is too busy.

All files can be downloaded by RIGHT CLICKING , and choosing Save As.

Many thanks to the players who have contributed their personal crosshairs for display at this site, and for making them available for all in the gaming community.

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